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Oops, I Didn’t Mean To Use So Much…

Posted by BigWords on November 26, 2009

The recent kerfuckle regarding my web ‘n’ walk stick seems to have been a warning about my usage, as a nice message appeared on-screen rather than the ‘Add New Post’ screen. Turns out I have used all my allocated bandwidth for the month. Yes, three whole gigabytes of information in twenty-six days. Less, actually, as I paid on the eighth. Which means that in eighteen days I have used the web more than most folks. These days three gigabytes don’t go far, what with all of the internet’s wonderful distractions. Not to mention all of the wonderful web browser games…

I normally watch what I’m using, but this month I had torrents running in the background while I was busy writing. The damn things still haven’t downloaded completely, and I guess I really shouldn’t have them running again until next month, but I’m living dangerously and hoping the connection doesn’t go screwy again.  There’s a lot of other service providers out there, so it won’t be much of an issue if they do decide to come down on me for continued abuse of their broken, incomprehensible and overpriced lack of service.

Yes, I really do suck at trying to be nice to the companies I rely on.

The penalty for going over their abitrary level is surprisingly unimaginative, but for T-Mobile I guess it is the best they can manage. Between four in the afternoon and midnight they will be choking the connection. Wow. Such forward thinking ideas are the reason they aren’t the UK’s leading mobile service provider.

I’ll be back online after midnight, as if anyone cares…

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Getting Back In The Saddle

Posted by BigWords on October 8, 2009

This past week has been exceptionally silent in regards to posts (and, for that matter, internet activity in general) so I ought to place things into context for anyone thinking I had died. The T-mobile stick had stubbornly refused to work at any level, dropping my connection at inopportune moments and refusing to play ball.

So, in a desperate effort to get things sorted, I bought a new (budget) laptop. Which is the equivalent of using a .45 to kill a cockroach. Yeah, the expense is a bit too much to justify, but I need my internet. I should be back up and running by this time tomorrow, so rumors of my demise can stop now… Please… Telling everyone I have been killed in an industrial accident with a lawnmower is neither big nor clever.

Whenever I get cut off from my internet passtimes I get rather obsessed with the state of my external hard drives, so the opportunity afforded by the enforced down-time was too good to pass up. Which, given the uncompressed nature of the files and the size of the drives, meant that a couple of days were given over to the defragmentation and tidying up of the drives.

I’m not going anywhere, and things will get back to normal given time, patience and a shitload of folding.


I have managed to get quite a lot of writing done in the time which would normally be spent surfing, and have come to the conclusion that without the constant stream of weirdness which the net brings I am unable to competently bring my words to life. Shit, the need for the web to write must be one of the most pathetic excuses which has ever been given for bad prose.

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Taking Chances Where I Can

Posted by BigWords on October 1, 2009

The problems with connectivity continue unabated, and I’m taking the opportunity while I can (and near a computer with net access) to post something here. I’m not sure if the problem is with the card, the stick or the software T-Mobile uses, but I have a cunning plan…

Turns out that it really, really, doesn’t like Vista. The solution I have come up with is to use XP, which means loading up the shiny laptop with the dreaded OS of Doom. Hell, I hate to do this but it seems the only way to get anywhere near normal web access. It’s a step backwards, and not one I’m entirely happy with but needs must…

This situation has made me think more of the grabbing-of-opportunities-when-they-arise. I don’t normally use other people’s computers for this blog (I’ve only done it once before) because using the internet of other people means I have to use their keyboards, and most people seem to have the most awful keyboards known to man.

I’ll try and get back to normal as soon as possible, but make no promises. There are only so many hours in the day, and I don’t really feel like spending too many hours with a problem easily remedied. Not gonna whine, not gonna whine, not gonna whine…

I noticed that the signal strength of the T-Mobile connection was 96% last night, yet it steadfastly refused to allow me to connect. Damnit, there’s money in my account and I want my internet…

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T-Mobile Connection Problems

Posted by BigWords on September 20, 2009

[warning: yet more raging against incompetence]

Yet again I find myself staring at the user screen of my T-Mobile connection and wondering why I’m wasting £20 a month on their less-than-adequate service. The current problem? I’m receiving a signal strength on 64% yet the small Bytemobile Optimization Client logo at the bottom of the screen keeps on turning red and my connection dies. I get about five minutes of use before I have to disconnect then reconnect to bring the link back to life.

Not fun, kids. Not worth the money either.

I’ve uninstalled the program and reinstalled it (several times now), ran CrapCleaner, defragged the hard drive, and yet the problems remain. Is this a known issue or have I managed to find a glitch that has thus far remained unknown? And if it is known, how many other people are being screwed over? It’s kinda weird that I seem to be affected only in the past week or so, and there hasn’t been any worthwhile information released about the problems T-Mobile is facing.

If they expect to get any more of my money then somebody had better come up with a solution to this issue before I invest in another company’s product. Losing signal strength would be completely understandable, but it’s fine. The only thing I can think of being to blame is the connection software. For anyone who isn’t aware, bad coding is a bugbear of mine – too many people seem to be satisfied with releasing shoddy software for the sake of it.

For the moment I am going to continue using T-Mobile’s web-and-walk dongle, but in nine days (when the money loaded onto the card runs out) I will be looking for another service provider. I’m not going to be limited in my browsing due to the vagaries of a small company whose idea of customer care is to ignore problems.


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It Was Just A Coincidence, Right? Right?

Posted by BigWords on August 9, 2009

After writing my last post, the internet died. To be slightly more specific, the T-Mobile network went tits up, which made me reconsider pissing everyone off with my attack on the politically correct bullshit which is spreading through the UK.

It was a coincidence, and it was nothing to do with me. The power of coincidences has a strange pull, and one which I have experienced several times throughout my life. The kind of stuff that sounds made up, but were absolutely true. One of the most powerful moments of “Holy shit, what have I done now” was when I sneaked off school to watch The Exorcist when it was showing at the local cinema. I was fifteen, but somehow passed for eighteen.

The Adam Smith Cinema isn’t a big chain, so it shows old films every now and again, and it was when I saw the ads on the side of the building that I got the idea to play hooky. School was mostly a chore, and I didn’t think much of the lesson plans, so a day off was in order. It was a bright afternoon with clear blue skies. There wasn’t so much as a cloud in the sky, and my mood was improved as soon as I got myself settled down in the big red seat.

So, after the end credits (I have never left a cinema before the lights come up) the time for me to reappear from the safe cocoon of the cinema comes and I’m in for a shock. The film has spooked the shit out of me, and now I find that the town has a torrential downpour. The freaky thing about the rain was the sky, still as clear and as blue as when I entered the cinema. I’ll never forget the feeling, as if I had somehow brought on the depressing rain by watching that fucking film.

And now I’m thinking that the last post might have sent the T-Mobile server into a fit of self-righteous censorship.

Nah… It was just a coincidence.

I’ve also been places, far from where I was living at the time, when I bumped into people who stayed a few doors down the road. Coincidences seem to follow me around, and I don’t think that the old criticism of plot-led narratives being unbelievable are as sensible as their announcers think. Real life is filled with unlikely coincidences, strange parallels, obscure connections and twisting threads of life.

I’m off to see if I can break the internet again. I might be some time…

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Mobile Madness

Posted by BigWords on June 18, 2009

Half-holidays are big in the UK, “Look, it’s a Thursday. Lets have a day off to celebrate.”

On these days I normally go home and stick on cartoons or a video game, but today I braved a venture to Dunfermline high street. It isn’t the prettiest place in Scotland, but it’s better than Ballingry… Just.

The bank was kind enough to let me take more money out, but the next time I turn up I’ll be getting nothing unless I remember the shotgun. I decided that a walk around the shops was in order, because there’s nothing worse than a wallet full of money. But… what to buy? I figured that now was as good a time as any to get myself a new mobile ‘phone, after breaking / losing / throwing away all of my exisiting ones. Half an hour of looking at the variety of designs later, getting the feel of the different types and examining the various prining plans, I made my decision – I bought the cheapest piece of shit they had on pay-as-you-go.

This is where the weirdness turns up again. It seems I can’t go twenty-four hours without something annoying the hell out of me, and today was no different. The ‘phone was fresh out of the bag, unused and completely untouched when I popped the sim card in, but it wasn’t long before I started getting text messages. The ordinary “Hi and thanks for giving us money,” which is only to be expected from a whorish company like T-Mobile, but also a certain adult text.

I quote:

“[Name Removed] has added you as a friend on FB. To viev her profile click here: [http removed] Adult FB Help [‘phone no.] optout rply STOP.”

Which is completely fucking insane on a number of levels. Firstly, there is more chance of Shane McGowan becoming Prime Minister than me joining something like Adult Facebook. It’s a complete piece of piss, and there’s nothing there I need. It isn’t something I’m drawn to, and if there is no need for me to go there, then I ain’t fucking joining. I’ve never heard of this woman who has added me as a friend, so she isn’t a friend.

Less than an hour later I get this:

“Im desperate for a shag! come meet me! Click here: [http removed] Optout send STOP to #####]

I haven’t had sex in so long my balls are turning to concrete, and a cornhole is now sending me bullshit texts designed to frustrate me even more… It wouldn’t be so bad if the spelling had been checked before the text was sent, but everything about the message got under my skin.

The morons behind these texts can now consider themselves added to my shit list.

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