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Irreverence Is An Art Form

Posted by BigWords on October 24, 2009


Is anything off-limits these days? I have a hard time accepting anything as absolutely beyond the limits of piss-taking, but I’ve been thinking about this again and come to the conclusion that there are still things I won’t joke about. Making light of the holocaust is one thing I don’t feel free to do, and any jokes about the twin towers is distasteful at best… But religion is hilarious as it is – there is nothing funnier than what you’re likely to find in a religious text.

Comics are fair game (see image above), as are films. I can’t take most blockbusters seriously, never mind crap like Independence Day or the Transformers films. Humor is subjective, and what I find funny probably comes off as offensive to others. The best example of a completely inoffensive film being lambasted by ignorant and small minds as ‘terrible’ has to be The Life Of Brian. Which brings us back to religion again. Oh joy…

Most of the truly offensive things in this world aren’t irreverent, however, yet they ought to be treated with due irreverence. The tapes which routinely emerge from the Middle East proclaiming such-and-such terrorist act is a blessing or whatthefuckever, as a nice example, should be treated with irreverence. We should laugh and mock. Same with absurdities from closer to home: L. Ron Hubbard? His books are fucking hilarious.

Dammit, I wasn’t gonna pick on religion… Lets look at other areas.

Should sports be made a mockery of? Well, when I use sports I mean should sports be made a mockery of – more than they already are a mockery? Have you seen a soccer match? Hilarity. And when I’m on the subject of sports I should bring up the ridiculous alleged sport of table tennis. Who thought that this was a sport? Was there a discussion on this before it was submitted as a sport? Excuse me while I mock.

And books shouldn’t be excluded either, especially revered texts. I like MAD, Cracked and other magazines which do their best to prick the ego’s of self-important individuals. There can be no higher praise than having the piss taken of yourself in a satire, and people who find themselves lampooned in South Park should feel that they have contributed to society is some small way. And, FYI, Tom Cruise ain’t gay… He has a beard wife now and everything.

Irreverence is vital to a clear view of ourselves, and we should never forget that we are all the butt of someone else’s jokes. I just happen to be the cause of more unintentional hilarity than most…

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What The Fuck Did I Say Now…?

Posted by BigWords on June 18, 2009

Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. Fuck-a-doodle-do. Blah, blah, blah…

Swearing. It’s not big, and it’s not clever.

Fucking hell, the endless debate about “bad language” continues, and I managed – once again – to get drawn into the bloody argument. I should know better. I should back away quietly, making absolutely positive that I’m not seen. I should run away like my nads are aflame. But no, I have to pitch in. I have to have my moment, and point out that swearing is fucking important. More than being important, it is a connection to those around us… The breaking of a social taboo that allows everyone a release.

Damn. I’m a sucker for a good argument, and over on the Absolute Write boards a fight conversation started about the use of ‘fuck’ in novels a couple of days ago. Not actual fucking, just the word. Am I missing something? Was there a memo? Did everyone suddenly decide that there was a line that could not be crossed? Am I alone in flogging the bloated, fly-ridden carcus of the subject? There are enough people, and smarter people at that, who are bitch-slapping the use of swearyness to make sure that every fucking person alive knows the difference between a curse and a turn of speech.

There are some phrases which I adore: “sheep-shagging, inbred, sonuvabitch cum-guzzling retard” being one I’m particularly fond of. David Britton (in a book called Motherfuckers no less) used “Jesus H. Christ erect”. Both valid contributions to the language, and both phrases which I can use pretty much every day. Would Bill Hicks have been funnier if he never swore? Or Billy Connolly? Or the genius that is Irving Welsh, who has mastered the art of swearing in a completely readable manner – and I challenge anyone to complain about the use of ‘fuck’ in Trainspotting.

And the saddest thing about this post: there are more fucks here on the screen than I have had in the past ten years.

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