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The Australian Government’s Internet Plans Affect Us All

Posted by BigWords on December 19, 2009

Despite the endless freedom of information campaigns spread across the internet, the Australian government is set to strangle the rights of web surfers come next year. The rationale behind the proposal is to weed out illegal content, but the supposition that an independent body can remain neutral is both idiotic and overly simplistic. The notion that a single illegal element can be successfully separated from perfectly legal material existing on the same server is beyond imagining – are entire domains going to be cut off from Australian access, and can sites launch an appeal if they have been wrongly labelled as containing illegal content? These are all valid questions.

And, while I’m thinking on the (many, many) problems which this brings up, are torrent sites going to be blocked? They aren’t, as any sufficiently intelligent people will be well aware, illegal in nature. They are often illegal in content, but they are still used by companies to get material out to customers and fans – in no way breaking any laws. Another thing that is bugging me – because this might affect me – is a tendency by governments to look to individual points of law. There are things on this blog which can be construed as illegal in several countries (libel, offensive insinuations, um… some pics), so will this entire blog disappear from the internet as far as Oz is concerned?

Even better – what will happen to web searches?

Wait. We’re not done yet. One more question. The big one. The question you’re going to be asking if you are living in Australia, and one which is key to the entire debate – the question that everything hinges on: Who is the wizard of Oz internet access? Who is the name which will be signed at the bottom of every blocking order? Who is the man (or woman) who will decide wether a website is permitted to operate in Australia? There is more on this story at Infowars. If you want to know what the Australian government doesn’t want people to know (you do, trust me, you really do) then go to the list here. Unfortunately, most Aussies won’t be able to get to the listed sites, but I’m happy to check them out for you guys. 😀

Oh, and in case there is any doubt a to the severity of this problem, the UK’s very own New Labour Reich have decided that it might be a good idea to follow suit. The horrors which await us are unimaginable – the people in power have no idea what they are talking about. Have you taken the opportunity to check what the assholes people in charge of the Australian government have to say about the ‘dangerous’ individuals who they are targeting with this bill? Their concerns that inappropriate material may be getting through the blocks already in place are one thing, but when people start talking about charges being brought against hackers…

Um… Riiiight. Y’know, it’s these kind of statements which will bring a lot of people over to the anti-censorship stance, simply because the use of the word is completely wrong. Damnit, I’m a fucking hacker you stupid politico. So is Bill Gates, and so is the guy who will implement your dumb censorship plans. Anyone who creates, modifies or tinkers in any way with code is a hacker. To be so blatantly ignorant is no reason to be so terrified of technology. It’s the statement of someone who watches way too many Hollywood movies and ignores real life. Can you tell, just with this post, how pissed off I am with the entire situation?

Don’t be surprised if this doesn’t show up on Australian browsers.

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