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The Goodies

Posted by BigWords on April 14, 2016

I am working on getting a bunch of custom materials together for (technically) free use by any small or self-publisher. Fonts, backgrounds, illustrations – all the goodies that will enable some kick-ass covers. I’m getting tired of seeing the usual suspects (Impact, TNR, Arial, and all the rest) being used again and again on covers, often without an idea of what such typefaces might represent to the reader. The overabundance does not bode well for a title standing out, especially at smaller resolutions.


Nu Gods, whose title should come as no surprise to geeks. A heavily simplified Blackletter design, which takes a lot of cues from seventies and eighties science fiction lettering.

Part of putting together links, fonts and images in a communal pool is to see what people can do with the tools – a dozen people are going to come up with a dozen designs, even if the titles are remarkably similar in tone and audience. The idea of people pushing off against the ideas their contemporaries are providing, and stretching out in new and exciting ways. Like evolution, only not.

Ten Free Image Sites

ISO Republic
Pic Jumbo
Wikimedia Commons

Check the licenses before using, and do what you can to support free image hosting.

Custom Logo Design

When I have things settled into a groove, there will be time to create cover logos for people who need them. I haven’t got it all worked out yet, but I am hoping that it can assist with under-perfomrming books. A great graphic can be enough to get someone to pick up a title they might otherwise overlook.

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Lost, Huh?

Posted by BigWords on March 19, 2010

They named the show well, because it certainly lost the plot. Okay, so maybe that’s being mean, but it ain’t exactly the most sensible show on the planet. Ah, but therein lies the nub of my theory which states that the series is, in fact, little more than a sequel to Harsh Realm. Think about it – Santiago (or whatever he was called) has his mind and personality submerged to avoid capture, resulting in him taking on the personality of Locke… And the massive computer simulation which formed the basis of Harsh Realm explains all the weird shit in Lost.

I’m a fucking genius.

*cough* Anyways, one of the things which has bugged me (for quite some time now) is why, if the island is so magical, Locke is still bald? Terry O’Quinn should be rockin’ a massive ‘fro.

I don’t really care anyway, because this is all just an excuse to ridicule the show in pictures…

All of which makes more sense than the last two seasons of the show combined.

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Some “Fun” Graphics For Bibliophiles

Posted by BigWords on January 14, 2010

Off the back of a drunken argument in which I argued that, yes, the British government has gone overboard with their nannying behavior in the past few years, I find myself thinking of the ways in which warning labels have crept into everyday life. The ones warning of the obvious risks are bad enough, but with so many of the damn things popping up there is an important question which nobody seems to want to corner – does the proliferation of messages become a white noise after a while? You see them, but do they actually register? Am I the only person whose selective blindness has encompassed all of these warnings? I’m not sure I am.

They aren’t appearing on books yet, but it is only a matter of time before the government decides we can’t be trusted to read without attending a course on proper page-turning (y’know, so we don’t sue publishers every time we get a papercut). I’m slightly surprised that nobody else has had the idea that something like this might one day be all too familiar, though I am willing to concede that one of the triggers for this post lies in the Comics Code – a blight upon the industry for decades.

Enjoy label-free books while we have them.

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Demotivational Gallery

Posted by BigWords on December 17, 2009

If you have no idea what this post is about, then take a look at A little friendly competition. For motivation. Gone and had a look? Then I’ll begin…

The political side of demotivational posters has always been overlooked in favor of the rude stuff, but there is a long tradition of politics creeping in to art when people aren’t really paying attention. The quote at the bottom of the second image may just be obscure enough to hide the sentiments, though I suspect folks will get the gist of the juxtaposition. If you need it explained to you, then you probably should start brushing up on your twentieth century history. The first image is an easy dig at the intellectual level of the then-current President, mingled with a meme popular at the beginning of the war in Iraq.

The following images are more typical of the demotivational style. There’s and Easter Egg (of sorts) if you look carefully at the Pokemon one.

I have a tendency to go for companies and politicians, apparently… I never noticed before, but a lot of the demotivational images which come readily to hand have this theme running through them. Which is probably a tad more self-awareness than I really needed to be made aware of. There are some I’ve come across which would definitely land me in some serious trouble, even though copies are probably still floating around in cyberspace it is better that I distance myself from anything which is too libelous.
There will probably be completely new images appearing in response to the “friendly” competition (is there such a thing?), so I’ve put together one specially for the occasion:

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Hybrid Writing / Art Experiment

Posted by BigWords on December 13, 2009

If you saw my response over here, you’ll know what this post is about.

The big idea:

This would entail the pages to be printed full-bleed, and I’m sure it would give people a headache if they tried to read a full book printed this way. Damn. It was such a good idea when I had it.


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So Much More Than Meets The Eye

Posted by BigWords on December 3, 2009

I had thought that I’d seen every sick and twisted Transformers image on the web, but I was wrong. Perverts obviously have much more imagination and creativity than I give them credit for, so – after an exhaustive five minute search of weird shit – I present two more examples of the neverending Transformers gallery of weirdness.

And while I’m at it, here’s something for the Star Wars kids to get upset over:

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A Quick Word About New Projects

Posted by BigWords on December 1, 2009

There’s always something going on, and it can be hard to remain focused on what I’m meant to be doing, so I thought I would share some of the things which have been bubbling under the surface and are almost ready to begin work on properly. This does, of course, mean I am taking on yet more commitments, though I have enough material stashed away to prevent them overwhelming me. Hopefully. I can’t guarantee that things will go smoothly, but I can guarantee that there will be a wealth of information available from my archives very soon. Both of the not-quite-ready blogs I am getting ready to add to my blogroll are going to be based around reviews and associated material.

The first of the blogs will appear at some point in the next week or so, with the second added when I get the chance to dig out the reference work I have been gathering for the last few years. The addition of two new blogs doesn’t mean that I’ll be ignoring this slice of insanity on a regular basis, nor does it mean that the book blog will be pushed to one side. If anything, the addition of two new blogs will allow me to put more material online than at present. It will also allow me to cover material I haven’t yet taken the opportunity to spend any time thinking about, adding links throughout all of the blogs to tie everything together in one meta-blog. Did I just come up with a brand new term? Quite possibly…

I have considered adding a fifth blog to the weekly duties, specifically centered on artwork I like, though that might wait a while. Diluting my free time with things to do is part of my attempts to keep busy while everyone else is asleep, ’cause the insomnia is really beginning to affect the way I spend my time. It really isn’t healthy to spend so much time arguing with the radio and causing mayhem around the net. I need constructive work to keep my idle hands from giving the devil work to do – or something.

I’ll finish up here with another pic which I like.

I didn’t draw it, so the blame can’t be pinned on me.

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On The Edge Of The Image

Posted by BigWords on September 13, 2009

I’ve been trawling various images for suitable NaNo logos, and the better the original image (i.e. how recognizable, suitable and clear the image is) the more fun I seem to be having with the process. It’s childish and (possibly) copyright-baiting, but I’m getting so much amusement from the process that I really don’t care.

After looking through so many images I happened upon a WWII image, and found great amusement in it. It only occurred to me recently that a great many of the well-known images from the era had a subliminal homoerotic nature, and this (Rosie) is one of the best.

Just to the side of what we can see is a bed with a young woman strapped face down to the matress, a jar of makeshift lube, and – probably – a gimp wearing a gas mask and RAF badges stiched on to his flesh. You can’t tell me this image hasn’t got a subtext…

There’s a reason I don’t write art reviews, but I can’t think what it is at the moment.

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NaNoWriMo Participant Logos

Posted by BigWords on September 10, 2009

There are various official images available, though my tastes run a little different to the stuff which has been showing up. Maybe it’s just in my nature to be different, but I spent a while crafting some new ones. If anyone wants to use them, and I guess someone might want to, then go right ahead.

nanonano b&wnano bluenano greennano pinknano streetnano pkdicknano fight

I might add more if I get bored.

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Babylon 5 Images

Posted by BigWords on July 29, 2009


Back when I was assisting with a fan-created Babylon 5 FPS I created a bunch of images which were taken from the television series. They have been sitting on disk for the better part of ten years, and as the game has yet to appear I guess I am in the clear to share them with people now.


B5_Station_Screens_C&C screen_small B5_Station_Screens_C&C screen_leftB5_Station_Screens_C&C screen_middleB5_Station_Screens_C&C screen_right

When I get the rest of the images off the disk I’ll put them with the other artwork.

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