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Zombie Wordsearch

Posted by BigWords on September 14, 2009

zombiewordsearchJust for fun – and because my obsession with lists kinds makes them essential – I’m posting a wordsearch here. Sans clues. Yup, that’s right… You’re gonna have to stretch your little gray matter to find all thirty-six words and phrases I have included.

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End Of The Week Update

Posted by BigWords on August 23, 2009

I’ve noticed that there are quite a few authors posting weekly updates on what they have managed to get done during the week. I like to be different, so here is a weekly roundup of a different sort entirely.

Burnout 3: Takedown

Game Complete: 91%

Playing Time: 65 hrs, 23 mins

Burnout Points: 1,390,600
Crash Damage: $200,855,071
Takedowns: 1,637
Slam: 1,699

Race Event: 339
Crash Event: 520
Events Unlocked: 169
Events Completed: 166/173
Gold Medals (Special Events): 3/10

Longest Oncoming: 3,912ft
Longest Drift: 890ft
Car Count: 58/67
Signature Takedown Count: 13/20
Headline Count: 10/10
Takedown Target Count: 14/20

I’m in a nostalgic gaming mood, so I dusted this off. Not a bad game, but the annoyance of overly-aggresive game-controlled vehicles becomes tiresome after a while.

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Babylon 5 Images

Posted by BigWords on July 29, 2009


Back when I was assisting with a fan-created Babylon 5 FPS I created a bunch of images which were taken from the television series. They have been sitting on disk for the better part of ten years, and as the game has yet to appear I guess I am in the clear to share them with people now.


B5_Station_Screens_C&C screen_small B5_Station_Screens_C&C screen_leftB5_Station_Screens_C&C screen_middleB5_Station_Screens_C&C screen_right

When I get the rest of the images off the disk I’ll put them with the other artwork.

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Did I Say Wednesday?

Posted by BigWords on July 4, 2009

Yeah, there are still no book reviews up yet. I know I pointed out that one would be up by Wednesday, but I’m swamped under with 1001 annoying and necessary jobs that I have had a hard time keeping on top of everything, even with the extra hours that a general lack of sleep affords me. You would imagine that the insomnia would help, but with the sheer number of things coming at once… It’s got to the point where I am wondering if I should cancel the renovations which are underway. I’ve yet to spend any real money, but the time expense has been overboard. The shed alone is going to take another full day (maybe two), and that is without the electrics going in.

Saturday, for the first time in almost three weeks, I have absolutely no commitments. I’m free to update this blog as well as Book Re:View, fix some issues with the laptop, complete a few jobs around the house and – my dumb luck prevailing – I’ll eventually get time enough to organize a few people together for a read-through of a game I have been working on. Things are busier than they have ever been.

This past few months have been hectic. Just as one thing is finished, another job presents itself. I’m beginning to think that I’m never going to have a holiday again.

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