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The Novelty Is Wearing Thin…

Posted by BigWords on October 30, 2009

Doctor Who‘s return to television screens a while back was exciting, and the stories – despite not breaking new ground, were well told for the most part. It didn’t cannibalize from itself as much as other shows which have returned to the small screen (such as Knight Rider‘s stupidity remaining intact from the original series) and the pairing of Eccleston and Pyper was eccentric enough to feel new. That should make my following grumble a little less provocative to fans of the series – The Sarah Jane Adventures is not worth watching if the writers can’t come up with something even remotely original.

A wedding, a time anomaly and a mysterious ‘otherworldly presense’ messing with time… Gee, that kinda sounds a lot like the first season episode Father’s Day. Which it should, because the parallels are obvious. There is even a disappearance at the wedding (riffing off Donna Noble’s introduction), The Doctor saying “I’m very, very sorry” to someone who is about to die, and the ending of the episode had too much sap. The way that The Doctor says goodbye is probably the bluntest example of lampshading I have seen in the last couple of months, and is just as obvious as the hokey “You’re song is coming to an end” dialogue from a while back.

I get the tongue-in-cheek referencing, really I do, but so many people seem content to cut and paste scenes together to fill time. I’m beginning to have some concerns about the reboot / revamp of the series unless the new production team can fully exorcise the ghost of R2D2 from their methods of storytelling. The final episodes of Doctor Who had better be fucking amazing or I’m gonna be really disappointed…


In a related vein, I’ve finally succumbed to pressure from friends to read 52 (which is a dumb name for a comic), and I’m noticing call-backs to previous cross-overs such as Eclipso, the aftermath of Doomsday and a bunch of other old DC epics. When I finally get around to reading all of it I’ll give my final verdict, but after the first couple of issues I’m feeling a sense of déjà vu… It’ll probably be after November when I get around to reading all of it though, as NaNo is gonna be taking up quite a bit of my spare time.

damn crossoversRalph Dibny takes the news that DC is having a crossover event rather badly…

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