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The What For The What

Posted by BigWords on April 16, 2016

There’s a whole list of things which are pending, though the most useful – for most people – is going to be the uploading of the majority of non-fiction reference material. Covering literature, film, television, music and more, the material is all of the information which is currently difficult to easily access and utilize. I’ve tried looking, especially for the film and television references, but it seems that the oft-used line “everything is online these days” simply does not hold up. The majority of the material is on the ‘weird and esoteric’ end of the scale, and I’m not entirely sure what can be done with the majority of the facts there are, so people can get access to that as soon as I get time to convert everything into a format that isn’t painful to deal with.

A make-or-break part of my decision to step back into the fray was centered on this. Information. Some people have an instinctive recoil when there is talk about putting a lot of information online, as if the dissemination of materials intended to educate, enlighten and enrich was a bad thing. Well, those people are going to have a hard time over the next year or so, because there are a few hard drives which are full to bursting with reference material.

Along the way I also managed to get a lot of the comics scanned and cleaned up a little – there are about two hundred thousand scans so far, and I expect that to increase a lot once I get through a lot of the things which are sucking up my time at the moment. Those are likely going to find a home on an image hosting site which doesn’t have restrictions of the amount of material one person can upload, but I’ll look into ways of getting a torrent up and running from the HQ. Maybe a cloud hosting thing for the zipped files – that’s for once I have free time, and at present there is no free time.

Something which was suggested in passing, and which I heartily approve, is an easier way to look up books. I have lists and lists and lists here, and there are titles which not only aren’t mentioned on the internet, but whose authors appear to have been ignored completely – I found passing references to some of the books in BMC back-issues, and there are a few reference encyclopedias which have (concise and rather terse) entries for the authors. Given that they deserve some love, I’m going to see if I can get a bunch of the public domain texts up online for free use – I checked PG for the titles I am thinking about, and there aren’t copies available there.

Almost What With The What?

There are times when I have mentioned “almost free use” here, and I want people to note that it doesn’t mean people will have to pay for things that I am making available online. The phrase is merely the easiest to put together, otherwise I would trip myself up in the technicalities and have a massive headache. Better just to go with the phrase as is, however cock-eyed that may be. So yeah, it isn’t an indicator that there is going to be anything more than “when used, this needs credit given and a link placed to source.” It’ll save me trying to figure out various rights uses and blah-blah-blah. Do what thou wilt.

People wonder why I am so stressed all the time – so many things to do, so little time to get everything done.

The Thing For The Thingamajig

At some point I am going to sort out the website, as that is on the list as well. All the information is still here, along with a whole bunch more. I pulled a lot of the biographical material from my handwritten notes rather than using what was present in books and magazines about comics, which have an error rate that makes my head hurt too much thinking about. There’s a duplicate copy of some information lurking on the deep web – and no, I have no idea of the .onion address – but that is an unofficial reproduction rather than an official mirror.

Until things get back to normal…


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And Thanks To Some Awesome People…

Posted by BigWords on August 16, 2013

The British Comics Database is now pretty.

Mostly. There is still some tinkering to be done, but everyone seems happy with it at the moment, and I don’t have time to oversee things as I should.

Seriously, seriously awesome people.

I don’t often say this, and I know that I should, but the folks who are willing to spend time on my insane projects without questioning my sanity make me feel less conscious about the fact that so many of the things I had intended to spend the year doing have gone rather pear shaped.

As things stand, the website not being a mess is the sole achievement of the year.

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Where Is The Geek Line Drawn?

Posted by BigWords on July 6, 2009

It isn’t often, maybe once every couple of months, that I manage to shock someone into complete and utter speechlessness, but I have managed it today. I was spitballing ideas for a website, mainly because there aren’t enough non-pornographic ones kicking around, and came up with what may be the geekiest idea ever contemplated.
The main problem with most websites devoted to comics, computer games, old television series or films is the need to cram in everything, so why not do everything properly?

My suggestion, running thus, managed to stop a room full of people in their tracks:

So, if you want to find a game or a book featuring a character, where can you turn? It isn’t like there is a central database of fictional characters…I bet it wouldn’t take too much imagination to come up with an initial list of characters for inclusion, you would just have to find all of their uses in obscure films and games.
What, all of their appearances?
Yeah, like if you were looking for Sherlock Holmes f’rinstance, up would come a list of all the books, films, television shows and computer games.
Why would you need a database though, couldn’t you just use Wikipedia?
And miss out on the stuff they haven’t got around to adding? I like lists, and if there is the slightest opportunity for me to create something that lists the many lists of lists, then I’m gonna be involved… I don’t care if I have to write it all by myself, I want to see what it would look like.

Silence. Complete and deafening silence. I think I may have stepped over the geek line.

But the more I think of it, the more the idea makes some sort of sense. Taking a stab at another character who has crossed over into multiple media incarnations, and who is every bit as complex and interesting as Holmes, we should contemplate the history of Dracula. Aside from the numerous novels, films, computer games, comic-books and television appearances, there are boardgames, role-playing games, radio serials and audio CD’s to take into account. Is the superhero Dracula the same character who met Buffy? Is it the same individual whose actions led to the LXG backstory, or are he and the Wold Newton variety different?

And what shall we do about Nosferatu? Is it Dracula in different clothes

I might need to think about this more carefully…

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