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Gone But Not Forgotten

Posted by BigWords on September 15, 2009

One of the (many) reasons I tend to steer clear of the news is the sheer number of utterly depressing stories. Today I learned of the deaths of two iconic individuals, one being relayed by a friend and the other from a five minute news bulletin – the type of abbreviated news show which normally ends with a light subject such as skateboarding dogs or singing parrots. I’m a bit late with the news of one death, but like I have pointed out I really don’t like watching the news.

Patrick Swayze
18 Aug 1952 – 15 Sep 2009


I remember watching Road House on a crappy VCR back in the early nineties, amazed that the dancing guy from Dirty Dancing could handle himself in a fight. It was a combination of the script and his acting which convinced me that he wasn’t a lightweight ‘celebrity’ but a real actor, though his choice of roles in films such as Ghost seemed to undermine his credibility.

When the news of his cancer was released, ahead of The Beast‘s first – and only – season, I assumed it was a publicity stunt. It soon became clear, as photographs which showed his illness were published, that it was a life threatening disease he was battling. The news of his death, while not unexpected, is still a shock considering how important a fixture his films were…

Jim Carroll
1 Aug 1950 – 11 Sep 2009

jim carroll

The poet, author, punk and cultural icon known for The Basketball Diaries wasn’t, perhaps, as well known as Swayze. It’s a shame that more people haven’t read his work, and I guess I’m to blame as well – I’ve never picked up his poetry. That situation will be rectified soon, I promise.


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The Very, Very Last Word On Michael Jackson

Posted by BigWords on July 22, 2009

There has been enough bullshit spread about Michael Jackson’s life. I thought it would be nice if I just put up a few pictures of the star in better times – just to remind everyone that he was completely normal, loved his children and knew how to dress well.


Okay, so maybe it is hard to find images of Jacko looking even halfway normal, but at least I tried. I’m still not sure if he was completely insane, or if his ‘eccentricities’ were a fabrication of media and PR assholes desperate to generate interest in a car wreck of a singer. He is not going to be remembered for his music, regardless of quality or popularity. He’s gonna be remembered as a grown man who shared a bed with children and for ‘Jesus juice’.


Just look at his nose. you can’t miss the schnoz, and tell me the eccentric plastic surgery fetish wasn’t caused by some delusion. It wasn’t as awful as the bride of Wildenstein, but damn

Now that he is dead, the floodgates are open for every nasty, spiteful bit of gossip that everyone was shit-scared of publicly stating. No more. We are free to revel in the darkest and most disturbing facets of his life. I’m surprised that the overall reaction has been so warm, considering the things he was accused of, so I’ll finish up here with this…

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Everybody’s Dead

Posted by BigWords on June 26, 2009

“Yes, it’s breaking news… All life, everywhere, is now dead. There isn’t anything or anyone left… We’re just waiting on confirmation from CNN.”

If you’re reading that wondering what the fuck I’m talking about, then you really haven’t been paying much attention. In the wake of Farrah Fawcett’s untimely death, then Michael Jackson passing on, it seems that the internet has developed a taste for the macabre and salacious gossip of other celebrities dying. There are rumours spreading of the deaths of multiple celebrities in disease-related deaths, accidents, murders and other unconfirmed means. It doesn’t matter if they are dead or not – gossip-mongering fuckwits are rubbing their hands at the thought of breaking the “news”.

So you might be wondering who these internet ghouls are targeting, right? Pretty much every Hollywood star is fair game. “Haven’t seen his face around town in the last twenty minutes… Yeah, he must be dead.” The list of ‘alleged’ deaths is running so high that (if the perfect storm of bullshit were to be believed) the chiefs of the big production companies must be hitting the coke and vikes pretty hard right about now. C’mon, how would you feel if every single actor on the planet died in the space of twenty-four hours?

It’s a bunch of spotty, overweight shits, sitting at their computers and making up ever more elaborate and perverted means for their heroes to meet their maker…

“Hey, did you hear about Jeff Goldblum? He fell on the set of his new film and died…”

“That’s nothing. Richard Gere’s corpse was found naked in a hotel room, and there were hamsters running all around the body.”

“I heard that Colin Farrell died in a plane crash. There were loads of nuns and sick children aboard it. It exploded in mid-air…”

“So-fucking-what… Elvis came back from the dead, did a concert in Memphis, then blew his brains out with a shotgun.”

How much longer will we have to wait before the elaborate game of one-upmanship culminates in rumours of the entire cosmos disappearing into a black hole, with every single life form in the universe being made extinct at the same time? It isn’t exactly rocket science, and all a person needs to do to work out if the chit chat is based in fact, or if it is a croc of shit, is to ask the person who is alleged to have died if they are feeling all right. Dammit, if the assholes who are obfuscating matters spent one tenth of the time thinking on important matters, rather than their games of dead celebs, we might have a cure for cancer by the end of the year.

If you’re gonna make shit up, you might as well think big.

Who wants to hear about Australia being obliterated by a massive meteor? I just heard the news from a friend…

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