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Locus Online
SF Signal

ProFantasy Software Map-Making Tools

“The Alternate View” columns of John G. Cramer
The Antigravity “Underground”
Artificial Intelligence in Science Fiction
Bad Science columns by Dr. Ben Goldacre
BIOL 103 Biology in Science Fiction
The Death Ray: The Secret Life of Harry Grindell Matthews
The Four Nines Puzzle (very cool math game)
Grading SF for Realism
The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Clichés
The Internet Speculative Fiction Database
Me Human, You Alien: How to Talk to an Extraterrestrial by Jonathan Vos Post
A Meditation on Lost Race Literature with special reference to the works of H. Rider Haggard by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
More on the Great Seal (conspiracy theories)
My Thoughts And Comments on the Omega Point Theory of Frank J. Tipler By Anders Sandberg
Nanotechnology – Dr. Ralph Merkle
New Illuminati
The Observatory – The Tough Guide to the Known Galaxy
Outlaw Biology? Public Participation in the Age of Big Bio
Principa Cybernetica
The Richard Dawkins Foundation For Reason And Science
Science Fiction Essays by Michael Wong
Theory of Time Travel by Howard Ullman
TIME: Metropolis To Independence Day
Transhumanist Resources
Turkey City Lexicon – A Primer for SF Workshops
Using Science Fiction to Understand Biological Concepts by Tamsen K. Meyer & Cheryl H. Powers
Who Invented Faster than Light Travel? by Sten Odenwald


Steampunk Clothing and Costuming
Steampunk Costume
Steampunk Fashion photo gallery
Steampunk Gallery (Wired Magazine)
Steampunk Magazine
Steampunk Workshop
Worldshaker – Steampunk Index


The Hermetic Library
Joseph Campbell Foundation
Lost Myths
Myth And Mystery – The World’s Myths, Mysteries and Earth’s Ancient History!
Myths and Myth-Makers – Old Tales and Superstitions Interpreted by Comparative Mythology By John Fiske
The Online Home of Scott A. Leonard
The Prometheus Trust


Science In My Fiction

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