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Things To Do Before I Die

There is a relatively benign influence spreading across the digital frontier which, unlike most memes or tropes, actually gives an insight into the individuals who participate in their writing. It’s a list (quell surprise), and an indicator of what the person who writes one intends to do with their life. Not a heavy, moribund list, but a lighthearted way of showing their interests and goals.

Call it a ‘bucket list’ if you will, though I much prefer the original name of the exercise: 100 Things To Do Before I Die.

It’s kinda poignant to think that the man who kicked off the idea, Dave Freeman, died before he could complete his list. Here’s hoping that I have better luck.

    The (Dark) Arts

  1. Have a published novel on my bookshelf. Typical for a writer to think of this, huh? It’s hard to think of a better primary goal.
  2. Finish the art for my first comic. It has been over a decade since I started working on it. I’ll get it done sometime in the next year.
  3. Play in a poker tournament. I have to put all the practice to work sooner or later, and there is big money to be made at the tables.
  4. Improve my musical skills. Because I’m fed up of trying to figure out whichis worse – my piano talent or the fact that Chico (fuckin’ Chico) from X-Factor got a hit single. I have to redress the balance.
  5. Just For Fun

  6. Learn how to sail. I managed to work the spinnaker on a friend’s yacht, so now for the next step… As long as I don’t get seasick.

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