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Beat The Game: Going Beyond Achievements

Based on the work that went into implementing Achievements in the 360, I spent quite a while trying to get people together for a hardcore version. My first thoughts regarding this idea was as a way of weeding out people in tournaments, but the mischevous way in which my mind gets around puzzles soon led me to the decision that this would have to be a complete and all-embracing way of looking at games. It’s far from coherent in its’ current incarnation, but gives just enough of a hint as to my intentions to be useful.

Massive (Yet Still Untitled) Comic-Book Media Guide

Because everything is connected… This has done the rounds in a number of places, with a whole host of people commenting on it and suggesting additions and clarifications from earlier data. I’ve tried to keep the framework flexible, though it has assumed a certain formatting style naturally as new information has been included.

Untitled Index To British Annuals

This started out as an expansion and update to Paul Green & Laura Taylor’s guide, but I soon got carried away with the information I was accumulating. If nobody else is going to bring out a definitive and current guide, then this might yet see the light of day, though I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes with a competing (and redundant) work.


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