The Graveyard

The Lair Of Gary James

NaNoWriMo: Waiting For The Miracle

“This is TMA One, your source for all the news, as it happens, where it happens. We are receiving feeds at the moment concerning a series of explosions around DCU installations. Our reporters on the scene are trying to confirm the extent of the damange at the moment, but response from any of the official representatives of the DCU have been guarded. What we do know is that approximately half an hour ago a massive explosion showered Quinzel Plaza in debris, leaving over twenty people injured.”
Connell switched off the streaming broadcast and looked around the precinct. The building was near empty after so much carnage, but Adway had managed to convince him that the precinct would be a safe place to work from. Adway and his damned logical behavior…

Adway contemplated the comm messages, and the conclusion he had been drawn to. The Kings were a pain, but the thought that a street gang could have the capabilities to bring down anyone with a message attachment sent a shiver down his spine. The leader of the thugs, Adway struggled to remember his name… Charlie something… Could he have been responsible for the murder of the vice president? It would have been a ridiculous notion mere months before, but their ambition had been increasing. Assaults on so many fronts had shattered what remained of the morale of the police force, they had taken so many lives that the news feeds redirected readers to a seperate stream dedicated to the war the Kings had launched.

“We’re pissing against the wind. The old ways of doing business are gone, Addy.”
“We can’t ignore the facts.”
“Sure we can,” Connell countered, “We’ve got shit on every major company in this hellhole. Do we act on the knowledge? No. You wanna know why they get to do whatever pleases them? Because they have deep pockets and connections in low places.”
“You’re either too drunk or not had enough to drink.”
“I’m on duty, so I guess I’m too drunk for this conversation.”
“Guess so.” Adway collected his weapon from the drawer.
“You’re goin’ back out on the street? In the middle of a war?”
“Tell the chief I’ll check back in after I get some fresh air.”
“How tall are you?”
“Why do you ask?”
“It’ll save time arranging a casket.”
“You’re a wonderful man to have as a partner, I’ll give you that much.”

On the streets again, and Adway’s mood lifted. There would be time enough to deal with the Kings.


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