The Graveyard

The Lair Of Gary James

NaNoWriMo: The Mission

“Why did The General tap you for the position? Know the right people or something?”
“It’s very complica- Hold on.” Adam stepped back and pressed his jaw under the ear. “Active.” A pause. “Affirmative. I’ll get everyone together.” Another pause. “Yes sir.”
Adway looked closely at the man’s jaw. An almost invisible network of wires and biocircuitry were implanted under the skin. “You’ve got yourself a nice earwig patch there. On the government’s penny, or did you pay for it yourself?”
“All courtesy of Uncle Sam.”
“Standard package, or is that optional?”
“You’ll find out soon enough, I’m sure.”
“So… What did the big man want?”
“Y’know, for a cop you sure ask a lot of questions. Most officers look away when there’s a shootout happening across the street from them.”
“I’m curious.”
“Like that is a good thing?”
“It’s kept me alive and in one piece.”
“The General wants my team ready.”
“Are you inviting me to tag along?”
Adam grinned. “If you want.”

The transports were smaller than Adway initially surmised, especially when they were filled with eight people and enough armaments to stage an invasion of Texas. The motors, normally a whining ethereal sound, were silent in the DCU rigs.
The agent across from Adway leaned forward, “You’re the noob, huh?”
Adway smirked, “Call me a noob again and I’ll shoot you in the face.”
The agent slumped back in his seat.
“Where the hell are we going? All of this stuff isn’t exactly inconspicuous.”
“High above the city, to play in the clouds,” Adam grinned.
“Come again.”
“The blimps are mostly invisible. You wouldn’t know they’re there unless you need to. They float silently above the city, watching and recording and reporting. The pilots, vastly more complex versions of those you saw in the control rooms, send their encoded streams directly to the DCU headquarters. Somehow, despite being protected by the most complex firewalls in existence, they have gone silent. The General needs eyes on the ground – as it were – to see if they have been compromised.”
“And if they are?”
“That’s why we’re packing the arm cannons.”
“Somehow my confidence isn’t bolstered by that.”


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