The Graveyard

The Lair Of Gary James

NaNoWriMo: The Lucky H (fragment)

“Whatcha doin’?”
“Some asshole is tryin’ to break into th’ bar.”
“F’r real?” Doogs sobered up a bit.
“They’re gonna get a facefull of lead for their troubles.”
Beanie grabbed his shotgun from behind the bar, lifting the weapon’s box of ammunition clumsily as he tried to rush the process. The glass he had placed there moments before spun, balancing on the edge of the shelf, before falling and smashing on the tiled floor.

Talos reached for the door handle, carefully scanning the noises beyond. The loud music would have obliterated any other sounds, but Talos was separating the frequencies as best he could. Two or more distinct individuals talking at various pitches, the whirring and pinging of a games machine, the rattle of a pool table… and something that sounded like a door being bolted shut. He turned the handle slowly, listening.
The gunshot blast blew through the door as if it wasn’t even there, indenting Talos’ bronze chestplate with a dozen pellets and knocking him two feet back from the entrance.
“C’mon motherfucker, you want to steal from the H ya gotta get past me.” Beanie reloaded the weapon with another round as he stepped through the remains of the door.
Talos glared at him. “You fired a weapon at me.”
“It’s one of them,” Doogs said from behind the bartender, “It’s one of th’ crazy robots.”
Beanie raised the weapon, aiming it straight at Talos’ faceplate.
In the space of a heartbeat Talos had the barrel of the shotgun in one hand and Beanie’s throat in the other. “I did not wish for this to escalate into a confrontation.
“Don’tchookillBeanie,” Doogs yelled, running at Talos.
Talos twisted, shoving Beanie into the smaller man and snapping the barrel of the shotgun at the same time. As the men fell back into the bar he followed.

Charlie sighed. His new friend had made it clear that he wasn’t to follow, but the temptation to see what was going on at the bar was overpowering his desire to please the metal man. It had been almost a whole day since he had anything to eat that hadn’t tasted foul, and the grumbling pain in his stomach was becoming ever more powerful.
The sky was brightening, and soon it would be midday. Charlie knew that it could get very hot in the sun, something that was inadvisable even when he wasn’t so thirsty or hungry.


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