The Graveyard

The Lair Of Gary James

NaNoWriMo: The Bunny & The Dinosaur

The life-size Tyrannosaurus rex turned to Adway, lowering its’ head to look the agent in the eyes. “Welcome to the Kitzmiller Museum. To ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as we can make it, there are various interactive displays and synthetic tour guides are available on request. If you have any questions or comments during your time in the museum please address any of the staff. If you are in possession of a Museum Club card you can get a fifteen percent discount in the museum restaura-”
“I’m here on DCU business.”
The dinosaur nodded and backed away.

Adway watched as the crowds moved around so many automatons and wondered what life was like before the artificials had so wholeheartedly been insinuated into society. As he broached the stairs leading into the main gallery he noticed a flash of pink rushing around the bottom of the cases which displayed antiques. It looked like a giant rat, and despite the color of the unusual creature he felt unconsciously for his sidearm.

“Agent Adway?” The museum’s director stepped out from the staff room to greet him.
“And you’re… Kitzmiller?”
“Oh, dear no. My name is Alison Torrance. The museum is named after the founder, the famous evolutionary scientist… Nobel prize winner…”
Adway didn’t react.
“You don’t know, don’t care and want to get on with business, right?”
“So what can I do for you?”
“I’ve heard you have a Dartmouth Sentinel amongst your displays.”
“The body case of one, to be precise. The DCU determined that deactivating one wouldn’t be enough to ensure the complete eradication of any possible danger. An overreaction on the part of the agent who made that decision.”

The pink thing darted from one corner of the room, across the floor and hid behind a pillar. Adway now knew where it was.
“Excuse me a moment.” Slipping his firearm from the holster he set to discovering exactly what it was. Carefully, aiming in the direction of the pink thing, he approached.
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“There’s something behind that pillar.”
Realizing what he was hunting down, she burst out laughing.
“Am I amusing you? Mind telling me what the hell that is?”
“Come on out and say hello.”
The pink thing emerged, appearing to have been generally designed after a rabbit, but displaying a certain twisted ‘I was designed by a mad scientist’ aspect.
“What… What is that?”
“It’s based on an old Japanese cartoon. It must have escaped from the daycare section again.”


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