The Graveyard

The Lair Of Gary James

NaNoWriMo: Stolen Goods (fragment)

The hov growled, roared then settled into a near silent mode that Charlie assumed to be another glitch. An ululating whine of electricity vibrated through the chassis.
“Is it safe?” Charlie asked, looking at the modified base.
“The vehicle is within safe working parameters.”
“Don’cha wanna try it out yahself afore I take the boy to th’ lock-up?”
“I trust your judgement in taking care of both Charlie and this vehicle.”
Charlie scampered into the back of the hov, buckling himself into the centre seat so he could see where they were going. Doogs slid into the front, trying desperately to remember the last time he had been in control of a hov.

An hour later Charlie and Doogs stood in front of the small lock-up where the haul from Doogs illicit activities had been stashed quietly. Thirty boxes of hardware in unwrapped containers straight from the manufacturers, their contents described only by serial numbers and the components identity order codes. Charlie tried lifting one of the boxes and realized why Doogs had been sent to fetch the stolen items.
“They’re jus’ a bit too heavy fer ya, huh?”
“I could lift them if I wanted to.”
“Yeah, I suppose ya could ‘n’ all.” Doogs grinned.
“Will we be able to get them all in the hov?”
“Yup, jus’ as soon as I take out th’ back seats.”
“Then where will I sit?”
“Yuh can sit up front wit’ me.”

It took Doogs an hour to pile the boxes into the hov, securing them with careful packing and some rope, and Charlie sat, watched, learned all the time. The boy asked a lot of questions, most of which Doogs didn’t really want to answer but felt he had to respond as well as he could. Some of the probing touched on Doogs criminal history, and the answers were hard to verbalize.
“Les’ just say I oughtn’ta taken th’ stuff wit’out makin’ sure nobody else had dibs on it.”
“The guys that came looking for you… Those were the owners?”
“Not ‘xactly. Dey thought they shoulda had some moneys from me.”
“Because you took something they wanted.”
“It’s complicatered, an’ ya shouldn’t be worryin’ about it.”


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