The Graveyard

The Lair Of Gary James

NaNoWriMo: Observations

Dray shook for hours, the image of the dead man walking-not-walking… The slithering, malformed not quite human shape which used to be a person… Burned into his mind as firmly as anything ever had. It had moved Leukman as well, and the freshly-minted director of the DCU had taken to his office almost immediately upon leaving the sub-level, his comm switched off. Dray had wondered if it was entirely wise to remain in the building, but the thought of his employer remaining unchecked in his current position terrified him even more than the creatures locked up in the basement.
“Are you alright?” Lt. White asked.
Dray looked through him as words formed. “I’m… Slightly unnerved.”
“And the Director?”
“Mr. Leukman is even more concerned about how things are run here than before. I believe that once he has finished drafting legislation to ban artificials he may begin dismantling this operation.”
“There are rules in place to keep the most important individuals in check. He won’t be able to rush through anything without hitting at least a dozen brick walls. You know that, I know that, and your boss damn well knows that.”
“He has friends in very low places.”

Leukman paced. He raged. And he planned.

White thought long and hard about the Director’s attitude to the DCU. Problems in the future could be prevented if enough safeguards were put in place immediately, and the decisions which might be crucial in the future of the agency would have to be made carefully.
“Computer. Show cam for the Director’s office.” The screen switched to a view of Leukman, pacing, and White decided there and then that a permenant post dedicated to internal surveilance would have to be implemented. As he typed up orders for the creation of a wing of rooms with monitors to be staffed by artificials, he felt the weight of the future on his shoulders.


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