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As Seen On TV (The Geekier References)

Night At The Museum covers most of the Alison Torrance segments, and I’m sure some readers will pick up on my more dangerous interpretation of similar themes. The film annoyed me with its’ “safe” handling of the possibilities. Why on earth would nobody be murdered by such an array of violent cultures represented in the exhibits? If there is a sequel set in a waxworks (I remember thinking the Bloody Dungeon exhibit in Edunburgh rocked) then there should be bloodshed. Lots of bloodshed.

I’m riffing off some I, Robot themes, but not so much as might be expected.

Faster, Stronger, Better refers to The Six Million Dollar Man.

From the Nightmare At The Museum section (see comment):

“I am impossible, and I am real. I am Kenway, the father of robotics. I am the first and I am the last.” The bronze figure moved closer in to Alison. “And I am savage.”

The words “bronze” and “savage” hints at Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze.


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