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Long Fiction

The following novels are in various stages of writing, re-writing and revision. I’m not sure how they are going to turn out, but they seem to be taking on lives of their own.

Apocalypse (working title)

Survival Horror.
My zombie novel, postponed in priorities because everyone else is writing a zombie novel at the moment. I haven’t worked out the mid-section, though the beginning and end are solid.


Possible series; SF / Fantasy.
A fantasy epic which I started about a decade ago, though which has subsequently enveloped many, many new ideas. It began as a reconciliation of the numerous ‘strange lands’ stories, though it looks as if it may contain enough ‘wiggle-room’ to sustain time-travel stories, multi-dimensional madness and other quirky stuff. The co-habitation of dinosaurs, WWI bi-planes, aliens, Greek gods, robots and talking animals may be a hard sell, but I’ve had plenty of time to play with the idea.

Ghost Bureau

Thriller / Fantasy.
A long-standing WIP that has elements of many mid-sixties and seventies British spy shows, and was originally going to feature Polari heavily in the dialogue. I’ve been playing with this for so long that it has somehow spread through three entirely self-contained stories (which contradict each other) without solidifying into a cohesive whole. The only piece which has featured in every version of the story to date is a trippy trip to an art gallery in London where the new initiate is shown the secrets of the universe.

Independent Rule

An alternate history to MayFlower, or maybe a sequel, this posits the numerous colonies rising up against the oppressive rule of Earth.


Taken from the historical origins of the United States, this transplants the notion of colonization to space, and the slow, slow journey the characters must undertake. It adds a dark edge to the concept of a generation-ship, with psychosis and unrelenting boredom afflicting the colonists.

NaNoWriMo 2009: The Full Story

The sprawling mess that is the result of writing and publishing the immediate results. Go here for all of the links.

OSOK (working title)

A combat heavy mech-suit battle in space and Earth colonies. I began this as an attempt to see how much I could accomplish with an idea which has been so badly abused in games and modern b-movies, though the story has many connections to MayFlower and Independent Rule, even though they are not compatible in terms of timeline or story threads. I gave up trying to reconcile both timelines into a single universe, and have left this as a connected-yet-unconnected idea which can be read without knowledge of the others.

The Reverend

Western / Horror.
This one crept up on me, and I’m still not 100% sure that it is a real western. Sure, the ideas are based around classic western themes (revenge, betrayal, greed), though it has an edge of horror through its’ core. I have been fighting the urge to stick zombies in the middle-section, which doesn’t sound so strange when you consider that the main plot point is a cache of cursed gold.

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