The Graveyard

The Lair Of Gary James

Art Sheet 1

Dr Who_aliens Sutekh


There is no particular order in which these are going up, so some much older images are intermixed with newer pieces. I thought it would be a change from the endless words. I’ll add any pertinent comments where needed to explain the origins of the art.

shockwave sm

Blue Thunder-small The Blue Thunder character was an attempt to use no outlines, relying on the color-work to define her, though I got fed up of drawing endless lines after a few days. I would probably do this character completely digitally if I attempt to use her again.

JUKsensor 001

The guy with the fin on his head has gone through various designs and styles, but I’m still not sure if he looks cool enough. There was a comic-book character design competition a few years back, which is when I started drawing him, but I couldn’t bear to pass on the character (and his vaguely Japanese style) to other hands. He is still kinda nameless, though I do have a ton of back-story figured out.
buk 014

NaNoWriMo Logo Sheet
NaNoWriMo Logo Sheet 2
Doctor Who and The Matrix (c) their respective owers. All other art (c) Gary James.


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