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UFOME – Unidentified Flying Object Mysteries Examined
Unabridged Opinions reading, thinking, writing, and occasionally tilting at windmills (abandoned)
The Unbidden Voice The Agonyzer concerns himself with writing, art, and everyday life.
The Unfocused Life
Unfuture Chronicle Short sci-fi, fantasy, horror and dream pieces. Probing unfutures and unreality, and just plain funny stuff, too.
Unique Material This is a work of fiction – Absolute Fiction. For my friends at Absolute Write
Upon Reflection

Vacuum Genesis
Valent Range The magazine of science and science fiction poetry
Valuable Lessons
The Vampire Family Blogger Stay under the moonlight with the new novel by Kristin Battestella!
The Variety Pages
Victoria Alt The writings & ramblings of an aspiring novelist (abandoned)
Victoria Everman sustainable, creative, enlightened living
Victoria on LJ
Harbor AdviceA View From the Waterfront Information of interest in boating safety, harbor management, rural development and unique aspects of Alaskan life. Links to writers, blogs and thoughtful sites. (on hiatus)
Virtual Wordsmith
Voluptuous Thinking Connecting disparate ideas of culture, media and living

W.I.P. (Work In Progress)
theWAHMmagazine: From the Editor’s Desk The Official theWAHMmagazine’s Editor’s blog: companion to theWAHMmagazine, the only content-driven digital magazine for work-at-home parents. (abandoned)
Waiguoren Critic Of South China Rants And Raves From The Middle Kingdom And Beyond
Walk Humbly With God
The Walrus Said “The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes – and ships – and sealing-wax – Of cabbages – and kings, And why the sea is boiling hot – And whether pigs have wings.” – This blog is morphing into one mostly about books and publishing with a slant toward Christian fantasy and my own career
A Wandering Mind Poetry, Writing Advice & Calls by Kevin Craig
Washington Wine Post A Story, Ask a Question, Connect With Users
Wayne ing Moments We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.- Chuck Palahniuk
the webb’s pages Posting our family exploits so you can be insanely jealous, or supremely bored, or are supremely bored already. Because we’re boring, focus-group tested! (abandoned)
Wee Ghosties A Beginner’s Guide To Ghost Hunting
Weird Its: Sticky Notes from the strange All the news you never knew you needed
Welsh Rugby Blog All Things Welsh Rugby
The West(ern)Chronicles General musings and the life and times of everyone’s favorite hero, Anton West
What As I Doing In Mexico” Chronicle Of My Day To Day Life In Mexico
What Do I Know, I’m Just The Babysitter
What Do You Mean, I Should Start A Blog
Where the Dreamers Go Balladry, Cooking, Knitting, Music, Writing
Whispers In The Rain
Why I Write Words about writing, authors, movies and books.
Why Is This Popular?
Wild Thoughts
Will Write For Chocolate by Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Winterwriter Writes (abandoned)
The Wishing Well
The Witchy Chicks
The Wolf’s Den Musings of a new novelist
Word Therapy
Wordsmith Katherine O’Kelly
Works In Progress Writing, the journey to novel publication, and related ramblings
The World Of Fiction Daily newsletter from the world of fiction and publishing, plus a sometimes-too-honest account of my writing misadventures!
the world through Night-Tinted Glasses
Wormtalk And Slugspeak My Life Among The Invertebates
The Worries And Triumphs Of An Unpublished Author
Write Anything Write More… Talk Less…
write now… Because it’s later than you think.
Write Strong A home for writers pursuing success.
Writer Beware Blogs!
Writer Beware Blogs!
Writer In Waiting
Writer Patty’s Publication Adventure
Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction (WRDF) Life… The Way You Dream It
A Writer’s Blog
a writer’s blog the life of corrine jackson
Writer’s Corner General musings from a writer, book-lover, and creative writing teacher
A Writer’s Edge Writing, Editing, Ghostwriting
Writer’s Grove One author’s buffet of writing, getting published, typography and Tabasco
The Writer’s Ladders For a writer of fiction, the road to being published is littered with fences to jump. Another analogy is climbing upwards to success; one ladder at a time… All readers and commenters welcome, whichever ladder you stand on.
a writers life
The Writer’s Washroom
Writes In The City Random Thoughts on Writing, Getting Published, and City Life
Writes Like She Talks
Writes With Feathers Écrit avec des plumes
Writing from the dark And some may think this ought to be either dark and gloomy. Some might even judge the content to be somewhat sarcastic. To simplify things a little, I’d rather think life is a blend of these two sides. It’s one requiem and death march I had undertaken. Glad you came along. (abandoned)
Writing A Novel Is A Piece Of Cake… Right?!
WritingAfterDark Blogs of Writer, Artist, Photographer, & Caregiver Joanne D. Kiggins
Writing Builds Characters Writing and life from my neck of the woods.
WritingGirl Victoria Clayton Munn
The Writing Life Through these pages you get a glimpse into my work inside publishing – as an editor and a writer. Can you learn something from my journey?
The Writing Runner
Writing To Fly
Writings Thoughts, snippets, links, and other random stuff.

Xelebes’ Bits

YA Highway nomadic novelists celebrate fiction’s most exciting genre: young adult
Yellowstone Road
You Can Bring Your Dog I’ve Got Three
You can read my mind… a blog by Stephanie Boman
You Dance Funny, So Does Me Finding the comedy in dance. Laugh, share, and keep on dancing funny.
Yours, Mine… Ours A Collaborative Novel of Literary Merit (we hope) by Trish Stewart and Kevin Craig
Yukon Yahoos! Road less travelled – two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.

Zero To Rockstar
Zonked Out In which I add more ozone to the ether of the net.






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