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The Rafters Scriptorium
Random thoughts from Hettie
Random Thoughts Of The Writerly Kind
Randomly Abstract
The Rat Haven A place to pause and preen your whiskers
Ray’s Rave Reviews Movie reviews by Ray Wong, as featured in Actors Ink
Reborn A group of ordinary people become humanity’s last defense from an out of control pandemic. “Reborn is an intoxicating blend of reality and fiction that will have you locking your doors and loading your guns!”
Red Rocks Adventures with a Desert Rock Band
RedScylla & Charybdis You think this is a rock and a hard place?
Remaindered Random Musings Frank Baron
Reality Is A Muse
Regan Leigh
Angela England The Renaissance Woman
Renegade Artists Renegade Artists Group is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to serve and promote abstract and contemporary artists in our area. We provide space for the new and upcoming, along with the professional and established artists. We are located in Northern Colorado. (abandoned)
The Renegade Writer Blog (abandoned)
The Renegade Writer Blog You read the book … now read the blog.
Rescuing Providence
Rhubarb-Rhubarb Ruby
Rich Marino’s Stuff Writing and the business of writing — especially humor. Much of my published work (prose and poetry) are posts from the pages of Readers Digest, Field & Stream, The New York Times, Rosebud, etc.
Richard Cobbett In the library with the lead pipe
TheRightEyedDeer — Literary Ezine (Be sure to check out The Write Idea forum while you’re at it.)
Road To Publication (abandoned)
Robert J. Wiersema
Roger’s Plog Blog + Plug = Plog
a romantic enters the room
Romantic Journey Romance writers chronicling their journey to publication and beyond
Romantic Smut
Romantica A writer’s journey into Romance and beyond
Roses And Explosions Sarah Harian
Rowan Lindsay
The Royal Chronicles Author’s commentar, Special Features, Outtakes, and Extras from Marilyn’s Royal Blog
Ruins Of Empire
Rummaging Reads”
The Rumor Mill

Sally’s Book Blog Some people say life is the thing. I’d rather read.
Sam And Walter – Duos Left Manuum
Sand Points Gritty comments from the piney woods of East Texas
sandra’s blog One Writer’s Journey To Fulfilment …And Stuff.
Sara’s Blog
Sarah Onderdonk This is a place where heart-felt concerns and burdens will be put on the table and probed. A place where faith and reality come together.
SandPoints Gritty comments from the piney woods of East Texas
Sandy Shin
Saturday Morning Hangover
Scott Virtes – Writing Do not adjust the mirror…
The Scribbling Sea Sprite
Scribbly Gum Sometimes things get under my skin
Scott C. Virtes (on hiatus?)
Scribophile Get Feedback On Your Writing That’s Actually Useful.
Secret Agent, British Intelligence
Secret October Here there be things that go bump in the night.
Selah March Romance of Dubious Virtue
The Self-Publishing Review
The Seventh Circle Of Elle One geek’s adventures in life, love, and exceptional ass-kicking.
Sharon’s Muse… Let’s chat over coffee while I ponder some things
She Thinks Too Much boldly going where hundreds have gone before, preferably in a slightly different manner
Shoot The Muse Two shots speculative fiction, one shot smartass–welcome to the wacked out world of author Celina Summers
A short detour through Hell
Short Story
Shumpgullion Writing, wildlife, what I’m watching… whatever, really.
Shweta Narayan
Sidewalk Diving
Small Town America
Smile – Whispers In The Rain
Sneak-A-Peek Into The Mind Of A Teenager (on hiatus)
Snupes little known facts of great interest
Solipsistic Meanderings
Something She Wrote Speaks Softly And Carries A Big Pen
Songs In The Key Of Geek Musings From The Song Parody Dude
Sort of Working At Home Mostly Mom (abandoned)
South Asia Blog
Southern Writemares A list of my writing nightmares and any other crap I choose to talk about.
Spam Wars
Sparrow On A Plank My NaNoWriMo Blog: Sozume Hajime is a were-sparrow; along with Salmandra Watson, his supervisor and fellow operative, he must save the world from the snake-demon Lord Ashigaru and his quest for the Stygian Edge.
Spontaneous Derivation Exploring Science Fiction and Fantasy with Kindle in hand.
Squiggle ~ The Writing World Of Plaid Earthworm What is Plaid Earthworm? Is it like mad cow for squiggly lifeforms, or tiny lumberjacks digging through your garden? Is it a new band?
Stabs In The Dark
Stacia Kane
Stage Of Life
Standing Rule …Freedom of men under government is to have a standing rule to live by, common to every one of that society, and made by the legislative power erected in it. (John Locke, 1690) (abandoned)
The Stay at Home Dad A blog dedicated to sharing the experiences of the stay-at-home-dads who are raising their newly-born children. Tips, techniques, and sanity-saving measures will be discussed for today’s modern man.
steady now Spurious and curious thoughts from a demented mind (abandoned)
steadymarvin’s Journal (abandoned)
Stephanie Gunn dark urban fantasy writer
Steven Cordero’s Blog
Steven’s Spot Hi everyone, I am a writer, a husband and father, and maybe most importantly, a recovering alcoholic with three+ years of sobriety. I hope you will enjoy my posts, it’s great to be able to contribute.
Stones In The Field Random notes and maunderings about writing, life, and whatever struck my fancy lately.
Stop… Drop… & Plot.
Struggling Writer The chronicles of a freelance writer as he tries to make a living.
Sturm und Drang Anime Based NaNo Project
The Substitute An online account of my three-month journey as a substitute teacher in London.
Summer Friend” Welcome! I’m here for the summer. So glad you came by.
Surface and Symbol
Sustainable Planet: Can We Manage the Environment To Continue Human Survival Indefinitely? In order for humans and our planet to co-exist for the long haul new ways of managing our relationship must be considered. Issues to address include implementing renewable and clean energy sources, food security, political systems, climate change, general environmental policy, and sustainable human consumption.

The Tabitha Todd Blog
Tales from the Crit
Tales From The Writing Front My journey through the world of writing and everything that lies in between…
TalkToYoUniverse TTYU: Analog SF author Juliette Wade’s blog for lovers of science fiction and fantasy who want to talk to an expert about questions of language and culture (linguistics and anthropology): in the real world, in published fiction, or in worlds and universes of their own creation.
Tarot & Pendulum Practice
Tartitude Art. Attitude. Vitamin C.
Teach the Future
Tennessee Text Wrestling Novelist, pianist, cat wrangler, reader, hiker, biker, and nerd (abandoned)
Techtainment Tips, Advice and News about Earning Money Through Blogging and Online Writing
Teens Writing For Teens
The Temp, The Actress And The Writer
Terie Garrison
That Amy Saia
Theresa Walsh
There Goes the Neighborhood A Zero to Rockstar blog.
They Call Me Potato
This Is Bold
This Ordinary Life – A Latter-day Saint Christian Perspective
This (Really) Old House
Thomma Lyn Grindstaff
Thoughts From The Cave
throw another bear in the canoe it’s a great life, if you don’t weaken Market your freelance writing in 31 Days
Tia’s Writing Blog
Tika Newman
Tiny Explosions
The Toasted Scimitar
The Toaster Fire Legacy Whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it. Isn’t that the essence of blogging?
Today’s Hero Blog The website where you can tell the world about the heroes in your life.
The Toilet Bar Dispatches from Wang Tong Village
Travelling Mamas Inspiring You to Explore
A Trickle Can be corrosive in a gentle, diminuative expression. Pleasant to listen to, waters the earth in some estoric way. Eventually leads to bigger things. Many are drawn to just a trickle out of thirst, aethetics, desperation. To be enjoyed for it’s simplicity and frugality.
Trying To Find Rene A gut-wrenching true account of one lady’s life.
Turnips at dawn






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