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N Marion Hage (abandoned)
Nadia Lee Otherworldly Romance With An Edge
Nancy’s Baby Names Baby Name Trends and Baby Name Trivia by Nancy R. Callahan
Nathan Bransford – Literary Agent
Natural Notes
Neither Here nor There…
neuroblastoma mom Doing my best while my toddler is fighting a nasty childhood cancer called neuroblastoma. Not much writing going on these days, if you don’t include journaling–so here are the journals
New Adventures In Fantasy Fiction
A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing I’m a full-time thriller writer. Is it possible to make a living as a genre writer? Well, sort of…
Nib Scratchings and Spilled Ink
Nicholas Gagnier I’m the tin man from the WOZ
Nick Anthony’s Blog Knowledge is learned while wisdom is earned
Nick’s Blog Fulltime RV Travel in Our Motorhome Bus Conversion. Just A Gypsy, Gypsy Journal
Not Enough Coffee Coffee, kids and a career.
Notes From The Lair …from the depths of Abner’s mind…
Notes Of A Scribbler
The Novelist Elodie Caroline

Obfuscation of Reality Reality is more frightening than anything that I could ever hope to write!
Obsidian Death By: Ophelia Beyle
The Odd Workings of my Brain
Of Chapters and Reels This is a place where I talk about movies I’ve watched, books I’ve read, and anything that falls in that realm. (abandoned)
The Old Chapel Or will I still be sane when it’s finished?
Old Sinner’s Church Official blog site for the “Protestant Folly” books. Beginning with the “Saga Of The Christian Whorehouse Chronicles,” this ground-breaking series gives spiritual struggle a whole new meaning. Do you have to act Christian to be one? (abandoned)
On Literary Intent The trials and tribulations of an author in progress
On The Edge Of Someplace Else
One Odd Goose Thoughts And Musings About Motherhood, Culture, Feminism, Politics, Beagles, Writing, And Anything Else That Enters My Mind (abandoned)
ONEWETSNEAKER which looks at how to do things with narrative
One Woman’s Heart With a quest of strength for her son born too soon
The Online Vine
Oooh, Shiny! An experiment in short attention span theatre
Organique Gal a simple quest for an organic, natural life
Organized Chaos
The Other Side of the Story One writer’s take on writing, querying, and publishing
Outdoors With Othmar Vohringer

P.U.R.E. Waiting for youPacific Purple
Paint Brush Poet (abandoned)
Palms To Pines
Panda …taking time to breathe, drink my coffee (and think a little) (abandoned)
The Pen Chronicles Short Stories and Musings
Pensive Sarcasm Even spooks need a laugh
Peregrinas L.M. Ashton’s Adventures In Speculative Fiction
Peter Tzinski
Petite Paris
Photo Click Chick
Phronemophobia Dare to Think
Pink Ink on life, liberty and my pursuit of ha-pink-ness
Please Delete This Blog High-brow intellectual curiousity subsumed in low-brow snark
POD People Self-Published Books
Polenth’s Quill Of speculative fiction, short stories, random tangents and footnotes.
Political Pistachio Pistachios are harvested in the U.S., Iran, & China. Nutty Politics are found in the same regions – Politics nothing more than Political Pistachios. This is my take on it all. God Bless America!
The Political Wives Club The other side of the political life–a frank and humorous look at the real behind-the-scenes life in politics both on the campaign trail and off of it. (abandoned)
Polyamory From The Inside Out
Pondering The Kitchen
The Pontifications Of The Sinister Minister
Positive Boredom
Presidential History A weblog – Human Side of the Presidents
The Price Of Innocence A tale of one woman, two men, and a flower that promises happiness.
Proper Gander Matthew Graybosch’s own propaganda outlet
Project Hai-Zi
Project Poetry Let’s paint the world with words
The Psychokitty Speaks Out
Publication Expedition
Publishing U. In which a wannabe fiction writer recounts her experiences doing an M.A. in Publishing at Oxford Brookes University. Join me on my journey into the Dark Side.
The Purple Patch

Queer Sheers – Antique Scissors And Scissor Art
Query Shark Blog Helping Writers Become Authors – The Blog is part of Learn more About the QT Blog Team, check out Essential QT Blog Posts, or Subscribe to our Feed!
Quick Hitts The Only Blog That Gets You Smartenized ®
Quips And Tips for Successful Writers Where writing quotations meet practical writing advice. And live happily ever after.
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