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K.A. Thompson Thumper Thinks Out Loud
K. Andrew Smith – Writer
Kaitlin’s Blog
Kara Williams Freelance Writer
KarlaNellenbach: The Last Word…
The Kate Middleton Report All Kate All the Time. Whenever there happens to be news about her.
Katina Mooneyham (abandoned)
Katina’s Little Gardeners This site is for the Little Gardeners, all the kid gardeners. It will have quick ideas and fun activities for kids (and parents and teachers) to get involved in gardening. (abandoned)
Keith Pyeatt – Horror With Heart
Kestrel Rising
Killing Elves, Sparkly Vampires, And Pure Evil Advice and rants on writing, and reports on how brilliant I’m still doing at procrastinating.
Kitchenware For Home Cooking
Kristen King blogger, copywriter, consultant

La France Profonde An American In Aveyron (on hiatus)
Lainey Bancroft – Romance
The Lair Enter at your own risk
Lake Oconee Georgia Blog Site (abandoned)
Language Hat
The Laraverse
THE LAST ROMAN: A Novel Of Belisarius
The Last Rube
Lauren Gallagher – Erotic Fiction
Lauren Gallagher & L.A.Witt
Le Franco Phoney All things French as seen by an outsider
Learning Fun for Kids Online Home school and after school, kids online can access some great sites and games that are both educational and fun. This site reviews and links to the best, and also discusses some parenting articles and sites of interest to parents
Learning Serenity
Lesley Harrison’s Blog
Lessons From My Reading Me muttering about what other writers teach me. Now, I only need to follow their example, but I mostly grumble about my writing journey. Care to join me?
Levi Brackman “The easiest path to success is by finding joy and fulfillment in everything you do.”
Levi Brackman’s blog Author of Jewish Wisdom for Business Success
Libby Murphy
Library Of Andunien
Life Of A Writer Join Misti Sandefur as she rambles about her family life. She’ll also share writing advice and blogging job leads and more. In addition, you’ll discover how she uses her Christian values to get through the rough patches.
The Life Of An Unpublished Writer
Life, Writing, & Other Things (abandoned)
Lilibet’s Royal Blog The Personal Blog of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
(Lima) Beans and Delhi Cha(a)t (abandoned)
LisaJan’s Blog Rambling Thoughts of a Brussels Sprout
Liz Strange
Lock Eight
The Log Of The Great Corruptor
Long Live Chick-Lit
Look Me In The Eye John Elder Robison – An Aspergian Book Author Writes About Books, Asperger’s, Autism, And Life
Lori A. Witt – Romance Author
The Lost Fort
Lost in Fiction A blog on reading (the fiction books I’m reading) and writing (sharing the ups and downs of trying to become published).
Lost Wanderer’s Random Musings
Lost Wanderer’s Writing Blog
Love To Walk Everything you need to know about walking and weight loss, including tips, walking plans and programs, healthy eating suggestions, walking gear, and more.
Loving Twilight Books, writing, and my everyday life in Texas
The Low-Rent Library Your Fighting Force In The War Against Literacy
Lucidz’ Recipes
Lucidz’ Writing
The Lunatic Pen

Maddwriter’s Musings (abandoned)
Made Of Carbon
Madhouse Manor (Blog-Like Object)
Madison Loves To Write!
Making It Up as You Go – The art of fiction
Making Light Incorporating Electrolite
The Making Of A Fresian Sporthorse and other farm related mishaps
Mama Notes – Daily Thoughts From An Average Mom…
The Many Hats Celebrating the many hats a wife and mother can wear!
Maria Diaz
Marianne’s Online Journal
Marie Anne’s Missives (abandoned)
Marilyn’s Royal Blog Not a monarchist, just fascinated. An occasionally humourous, always informative blog about British Royalty
Mark Ellis Ink Adventurist Extraordinarie
Market My Words Rantings and ravings on how authors can better market their books to kids
Mark’s Mental Meanderings A look into the mind and life of a brand-new blogger, lifetime thinker and role-player, Star Trek fan, frustrated writer and general nut-case ;-).
Marshmallow Peeps
ME, Myself And I
Medieval Soul/Postmodern World“What happens when winter moves like an animal on the hunt, leaving its prey half alive for earth spirits to feed upon?”
Memory Writers Network 150 Essays to Help You Read and Write Memoirs by Jerry Waxler (abandoned)
Merc Rants
Michael’s Bookshelf All reviews are my personal opinion, you’re free to disagree – discussions welcome!
Mick Rooney – Author
Midnight Meditations
Midnight Writings Miscellaneous Journal. Writing about the stardust in my life from midnight until the purple dusk of twilight (abandoned?)
Mightier Than A Sword
Mind Over Mullis The car seats are empty, but the nest is still full. And the kids have developed fear of flying.
misaditas novels Helen is a self-confessed sci fi geek and novellist. After cutting her teeth in the realms of fan fiction, she ventured into original fiction… and has hardly looked back since. She can be found around the internet under the user name “misaditas”.
misaditas novels “misaditas” is an acromyn for “misadventures in time and space” and was coined sometime during 2005 when I was writing fanfiction.
Mnixjr’s Novel
Misti Sandefur
A Mom at Heart Remembering our children in Heaven
Momma makes a mess
Momma Needs Coffee
The Monkey Ate My Five Dollars The ramblings of a fortysomething, female, liberal Southern miscreant. (abandoned)
Monster Island News
Moomurs (Better Than Rumors)
Mother Wouldn’t Lie! “Oh, my! It’s a marvelous book with so many words in it!” -Mags’ Mother
The Moviezzz Blog
Mridu Khullar Full-time journalist, part-time geek.
Mrs. Write Right, Word Therapist
Multiculturalism Rocks A blog on multiculturalism in children’s literature.
Musing Metahuman
Musings from the Mitten Thoughts from a wordsmithing WAHM on writing, parenting, being a WAHM and life in general. (abandoned)
Musings on World Domination Here is where I will chat at the world. Hopefully alot. (And therefore attain global fealty to mahself.)
Muskets And Monsters The blog of MFW Curran
Mutterings of a Scribe All About Writing, 24/7 … and Books
My Muse Is A Vampire
My Work Denise Bertacchi
My World – Between Fantasy And Space
Mythic Scribes The Art Of Fantasy Storytelling

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