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Earth’s Fire A place where ideas can smoulder . . . or burst into flame (abandoned)
Effortless Effervescence
Elf Killing And Other Hobbies
Elizabeth’s Writing Journey (abandoned)
Emily Veinglory
Erin’s Musings
Eric J. Krause’s Writing Spot
Erotic James James Buchanan, gay male erotica
Evertime Realms
Everything Indian
Everyone Needs A Spare
Ex Gamblers Edge
Ex Libris Bookewyrme A collection of Writings about Books, written and unwritten, fictional and academic.
The Expat Freelancer
Expressive World

Family Life Abroad The expat place.
Fantastical Imagination
Fantasy Debut All Debut Fantasy . . . (almost) All the Time
Far Seeing Fairy Tales
Fifties Nostalgia Boomer Memories and 50’s Retro Info
Final Addiction The blog formerly known as Vinyl Addiction. ha.
Final Drafts: Adventures In The Book World or, how to get in through the publishing door. And back out again. And in again? (That’s right, it revolves.)
Finding My Way to Well-Being
The Fine Art of Substitute Teaching . . . A blog to help YOU become a savvy sub! We were all school children once. Remember when you had a substitute teacher? It was often a free-for-all for the students and a nightmare for the guest teacher. This blog will offer pointers to make a “sub day” an enjoyable and productive one for BOTH you and your students!
Fire From The Sky
Firecat’s Lair The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over the harbour on silent haunches and then, moves on.
fireflies in the cloud.
The Fleam Vampire Book Reviews
Fleas of a 1000 Camels “The most potent muse of all is our own inner child. ” Stephen Nachmanovitch
Flibbity Gibbet
Flying Shoes A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving – Lao Tzu
Four-Lettered Words On writing, art, and everything fun.
Freaky Deaky Dutch
Freckle Head “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not yet stood up to live.” ~Henry David Thoreau
Freelance Writing By Vandana Singhal Freelance Writer, Expert Writer, Article writing, blogs, e-book writing, Magazines writing, Freelancing, Freelancer, Work-from-home writer, professional writer
Freelance Zone
Fresh Cooking (abandoned)
Frosty Goodness Irreverent Drunks Talking Beer.
Furniture Of The World, Rebel!

Galactic Milk (on hiatus)
Gay Zombie Penguins (abandoned)
geardrops [blog]
Geek EdgeRandom thoughts on writing, reading, manga, music, tech
Get Off My Lawn!
Getting Past Your Past
Ghost Stories
Giant Robot Invasion
Gill Polack’s Journal
The Girl In The Soapdish
The Gluten Free Food Blog
The Goat’s Lunch Pail Embrace the moon; touch the stars.
Going Ballistic Where thriller author Dan O’Shea throws things downrange
Great New Books That Are A Must Read Highlighting interesting new books, author interviews, writing jobs, and open calls for authors. Including fiction, nonfiction, novels, mystery, thrillers, self-published, and more.
Greedy Tales A collection of humorous & horrendous glimpses into the realms of Hell. A total work of fiction…maybe.
Greyling Bay
GypsyScarlett’s Weblog Writing The Victorian Gothic

Harbour City Story Following all the works and thoughts of writer Nicholas Gagnier. Weird experiences make for very good novels.
Hardcore Nerdity
The Healing Wars The blog for news, events and what’s going on with author Janice Hardy
The Heart and Craft of Life Writing Tips, guidelines and observations to help ordinary people write extraordinary stories about their lives and experiences
Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen A humorous look into the adventures of a single parent who learned the hard way and with a great deal of trepidation how to cook, feed his children, friends and the rare date with a measure of dignity and (hopefully) good food – Recipes included! And it is all KOSHER to boot! (abandoned)
The Hero Complex Sara Spock tries to save the world. One. Blog. Post. At. A. Time.
Highly Irritable
Historical Romance By Joanna Bourne
Histry Nerd
Hobby Economist
Honest to blog? It’s like, you know, stuff… And junk…
Horse Rider’s Blog The random inner workings of a teenage writer’s mind
Hot Diggity mom. writer. sort of nerdy. likes cookies. hi.
How Publishing Really Works
How To Be A Perfect Lady

I Found A Knife
I Have Measured Out My Life with Coffee Spoons … And I’ve Found Tea to be Better
I Might Lose My Mind (abandoned)
I Picked Up A Pen One Day Following my life as I try to become a “real” writer.
I, The Author
I Think, Therefore I Review. Commentaries on Movies, Television, Books, and Music from Author Kristin Battestella!
I Write
I’m Always Right, Far Right
If I’d Only Known …
Impossible Universe Thoughts on health research and the representation of disability in popular culture
In The Garden With Sow-N-Sow … Mom always had a few flowers in the yard each spring/summer, but I didn’t really grow up with gardening. I guess I am starting to ‘bloom’ in my 50s. I don’t claim to be an expert at anything, but I did enjoy container gardening last year and even experimented with a thing or two. I’m in my own home now, so hope to ‘branch out’ a bit more. Grab your kneepads and let’s go get our hands dirty …
I’m Queer, I’m Christian & I’m Writing Like It!!! Or Get The Hell Off My BLOG!!!
In Which a Girl Reads, Eats, and Writes
Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources
Indigenous People’s Issues Today The official blog of Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources. Announcing calls for papers, resources, conferences, film festivals, news, books, and more that focus on indigenous peoples, including Native American Indians, Canadian First Nations, Australian Aboriginals, New Zealand Maori, Alaskan Inuit, and indigenous peoples of South America, Africa, Oceania, Europe, Asia, and beyond. (abandoned)
Infinity Ranch Musings about the important things in life – law, politics, music, racing, soccer, etc. – an “eclectic blend of miscellany”
The Ink Wench Writing, ruminating, and rambling
Inkthinker Helping freelancers rock since 2006
Inside My Wild Mind The blog of Regina Avalos, a thirty something television addict and writer. Join her here for her thoughts on life, writing, television, music and just about any random thoughts that come into her wild mind daily!
INT. BRAIN- DAY Yeah, that’s right. It’s inside my brain. During the day!
Inside My Wild Mind Author: Regina Avalos
“The Inside Pitch” A Hollywood executive answers questions from screenwriters.
Isaac Espriu’s Place
The Isaiah Pages
It Bloggles The Mind My take on what goes on in this crazy world.
It Got Cut

J. Koyanagi
J.C. McDermott (abandoned)
Jade Hears Voices They tell her to get out of bed and turn on her computer. We’ll make you rich and famous, they promise…
Jakarta Casual An off beat look at Indonesian and South East Asian football from the terraces or the pub
Jamie Hall, Author
Jason Tudor Author & Illustrator
Jason’s Blog
Jenn Hollowell These are the writings and ramblings of a Maine writer who loves creating messy art.
Jenna Cosgrove
Jennifer Gets Bloggy Writing lessons, freelancing tips and general musings. Please look at all the boxes on the right-hand side for some useful links.
Jenny Greenleaf: Maine Writer & Artist
Jeremy Preacher is not exactly my real name.
Jim C. Hines It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a goblin rang out…
Jim Colyer
Jim’s Journeys Something NEW every day!
John A. Karr, writer Stretching rigid limbs. Emerging. Rising. Ravenous …
Joseph Calabrese – Screenwriter (abandoned)
Josh Vogt – Speculative Fiction Author
Journal Writing. Technology. Life.
Journey of a YA writer
The Journey To Publishment
Julie Loden Aspiring Author, Closet comedian, and testosterone Wrangler
Jumping Off Cliffs and building my wings on the way down
June Kramin
Just A Naked Walk With Christ I am a Christian nudist working in the service of Christ. This blog is here to document the path and direction of my ministry.
Just Another Mom
Just Humor Me
Justified By Delusion





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