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Absolute Write

13 Stitches caution: Writers at play

A Few Thoughts Musings on writing, life, and the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee…
A. Hibert Cuentos y algunas otras cosas (abandoned)
A Man Called Daddy Babies, pregnancy, weddings, and other important stuff that guys need to know about, all told from a man’s perspective.
A Philly Collector The who, what, where, when, why, and how of 1:6 scale doll and action figure collecting: Barbie, Fashion Royalty, Momoko, Susie, GI Joe, Power Team, Mixis, by an urban collector.
A Really Nice Murder Blog By a really nice mom. Honest.
A Touch Of Fiction Writing fiction is an art. Here I will discuss anything of relevance to the art of fiction writing including form, publishing, rejection, etc. Feel free to subscribe and keep up with my journey.
A Trickle
Abyss Written by a teen for other teens (and the occasional adult)
According To Addie Angry Adoptee
The Adams Zone The Life of a Urban Fantasy Writer in Washington, DC
Adventures In The Big Wide World One fresh-from-High-School Scot, exploring the world.
Adventures In Navy Writing THE WITT LIST. An ongoing list of things that Eddie and I are no longer allowed to do on Okinawa.
after the plastic rain Their Towers burn and their 7 classic disco records are melted for raw vinyl. No one watches their television or buys their movies. It has been years since anyone read their books. As if anyone ever read them. They want us to mourn, that their cultural industry–their centrally planned and approved thought–is dying. Do not mourn. New culture, true culture blossoms in the ashes. Look:
Alan’s Mystical Musings Random thoughts and commentary of a teenage SF, Fantasy, and Horror geek. (abandoned)
Allen’s Edge Of The World (on hiatus)
Almost Like Austen My journey in writing my first novel.
Along Came A Spider The writings of Spider G
Amanda Plavich – A Wannabe Writer’s Blog
Angel Rose Darke Author, Writing Assistance, & Internet Help
Angela England The Renaissance Woman
Anna Grace Carpenter
Anon, Afire, Adieu Ramblings of an eclectic, at times maniacal, and often diabolical yet never overtly malicious writer (having thus digressed from apes and chimps)
Apocalypse Later The thrilling science fiction humor story continues today. Follow a talking but sarcastic cat, a sensibly sarcastic former politician and alien, a homicidal TV remote, a drunkard, a sixth class space pirate and a toast-obssessed computer on their journeys through space. Look for the Apocalypse’s procrastination every Saturday.
Apparently! Debut Novelist …Among Other Things…
Approaching Cliffs to scream over the echoes
An Arrow Through The Air “I am afraid of…growing old too soon, of having my body worn out before my soul is past childhood…I shiver at the thought of losing my strength before I have found [it]; to have my senses fail ere I have a stock of rational pleasures, my blood cold ere my heart is warmed with virtue! Strange, to look back on a train of years that have passed, ‘as an arrow through the air,’ without leaving any mark behind them, without our being able to trace them in our improvement!” John Wesley
Archetype The Fiction Writer’s Guide To Psychology
At Home, Writing My learning curve as a writer. It’s not just about writing, you know. (on hiatus)
Atsiko’s Chimney Chimney-punk and beyond…
Author Christina Kelly
Author LM Preston
Author Scoop
Author Tales Who the hell is this guy? Why, he’s the least interesting man in the world.
Author’s Page For Dawn E. Meadows
Avarice, etc. by Margaret Lyons
Avarthrel Blog
Award-winning Author Ellen Jackson

B. Neil Brown
Babbler’s Place
Babies Online The Blog Your guide to all things pregnancy, baby and parenting
Bad Juju Yes, there is urban fantasy in Canada, eh?
Because I Hate You Just a bunch of ramblings from a girl who’s just trying to make it through life one day at a time.
Beer Report Post A Story, Ask a Question, Connect With Users
Bella Diana A serial novel set in a speculative dystopian future. (abandoned)
Belles-Lettriste: Generally Uncategorhetorical
Benjamin Solah, Marxist Horror Writer
Beyond Tourism: Florida’s Yesteryear
Bibliographic Searcher Maunderings and ramblings of a library assistant, mostly-unpublished writer, occasional anachronist, finder of lost books and roving researcher.
Bill Ward: Genre Writer
Bill’s Bilge
Bits And Bytes
Blah, Blah, Blah…
The Blog Life is three dimensional. There is no final destination, only experiences, growth, and depth. Failure does not exist.
A Blog, I Has One Cube farm workers, unite! This is the place to hang out when you’re too bored to do your jobs. Or maybe you genuinely like being here. Who knows? (But if it’s the latter reason, you may want to have your sanity checked. Just saying.)
BLOG@CATHSMITH.NET “from cathsmithdotnet” (abandoned)
Blog Stop Book Tours Get On Board (abandoned)
Blogdangit A ProducHer’s Online Journal. (abandoned)
Blood and Whine
Blood Witness Don’t Invite Him In
The Book Bundle
The Bookshelf Muse
Bravo Fan
Bryn Greenwood
Building An Awesome Life
Buried Past Volume One of THE MANNINGFIELD AFFAIR Trilogy
Buono’s Tale A webnovel prequel to Saint Mark’s Body

Calidore Speaks
A Canadian In King Parakramabahu’s Court
Cancer Girl Chronicle
Candace Sams
Candle In The Dark
Candle Magic
Candy’s Blog: The Sweet, The Sour, And The Nutty
Captain’s Blog: USS Steadfast USS Steadfast is a Star Trek PBEM simm, proudly serving in TG Artemis, TF 21, Bravo Fleet. In their small but powerful, Defiant Class vessel, Steadfast’s brave crew strives to protect Federation citizens and interests, always keeping in mind her motto: “A rough road leads to the stars…” (abandoned?)
Carol Oates
Cat Alley Bookshelf This is a blog by a writer for the entertainment of readers, and perhaps other writers. It will contain beginnings, and middles and ends, and also other things. (Excerpts, short stories, reviews?, poetry, events…)
The Celebration, Fl Blog
Chaotic Ramblings A Measure Of Insanity
Chaotic RamblingsI am 29 years old and I am married with two beautiful children. I work part time as a veterinary technician at a major emergency hospital. In my spare time I like to write….it is in my blood. This need to put my thoughts, feelings, ideas on paper. One day I hope to publish a novel. I am also an avid reader. And eclectic reader. I have many interests.
Chapter Two Celebrating the Second Chapter of our lives from 50 and beyond. Proof positive that an optimal attitude will lead us on a joyful journey of a life well lived.
The Chick Lit Review chick lit in bite-sized morsels
The Chinglish Adventures Of chairman Mao
Christopher Johnson MD
Christopher Robin (abandoned)
The Chronicles Of Emily Cross
Chocolate For Your Brain! Humor Column that focuses on parenting, the unique struggles of raising a large family in the modern age and other absurdities of modern life. Updates on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday… because fish and comedy grows stale after about three days.
Chocolate Report Post A Story, Ask a Question, Connect With Users
Chris Bielke
Claire Gillian A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step…
The Cliterature Blog
Coffee, Ink & Blood
Comic Books Revisited
The Commune
Concentric A thriller by Rio Moss
Confessions Of A Fat Chick
Contemplative Prayer With The Lectionary Prayers for Corporate or Individual Use
Corrine Jackson Book Reviews / Writing Tips
Cosmo For Alarm Extending and Deconstructing a Sex-Obsessed Rag
Creare Welcome! The word “Creare” is Latin and it means “to create.” It is the perfect name for this blog, since I am a creative writer (and I will be blogging about that occasionally, creatively).
Crooked Haus
Cuban Nomad Computer Nerd by Day, Writer by Night
The Cry Of My Heart
Cuisine Quotidienne Everyday French Cuisine
A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book… Jennifer’s book reviews and interviews with authors
A Cuppa Coffee I am so addicted to coffee, it’s a simple way to perk me up. When I lost idea, when am having mood swimg, when I need some energy, I really know where to go. Just get my instant coffee, lil bit of condensed milk, and here we go…an instant way to make my day!
:: Curious Things :: Art :: Design :: Illustration
Cyber Monkey Death Squad This ain’t gonna be pretty
Cynthia Vespa Author Of Thrills And Chills – Do what you Love and Love what you do

D.H. Kuypers Lost New World
Daddy’s Tired
The Daily Daily Diversions For Writers by Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Dan Straka A blog of another unpublished “writer”
Dance Floor Exhaustion’s Journal
Dark Horse Adaptations Dark Horse Adaptations is a professional text editing, proofreading and copy writing service for documents ranging from reports to literary works of art and Web sites. Since we are authors and writing professionals who edit on a daily basis, we are equipped and ready to help you with your writing needs.
Dawn Colclasure’s Blog
Dear M: Historical Fiction Review
Debbie’s Blatherings Debbie Ridpath Ohi: Freelance Writer / Illustrator
Dee Carney a little bit exotic… a whole lot erotic
Dee Garretson Dee Notes
Delirious… Snowflakes don’t melt, they write
Diary Of A (Slow) Traveller The sometimes-daily journal of a lapsed triathlete and bunny owner.
Diana’s Diary My thoughts, travels and adventures. (abandoned)
Digital Medievalist: Scéla Opinionated musing on things digital and medieval, particularly those that are celtic, involve digital manuscript, digital text, or otherwise strike my fancy.
Digitalis Dreaming One person’s dream careers, and the journey to ‘getting there’.
Dirty Blonde
Dispatch From The Third World Of Los Angeles Tech Road Warrior Armed With a PDA, Wi-Fi and looking for the exit signs
The Domino Theory by Jeff Winbush The brain that doesn’t feed itself, eats itself. – Gore Vidal
Dreams And Determination
Dribblings of an aspiring Urban Fantasy Writer
Dwellerofthedeep’s Blog






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