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Round-Up, Part 1

Posted by BigWords on April 9, 2016

Just over a week into the scheduled posts, and with two weeks remaining, I want to highlight the things you need to remember going forward. This is all building towards where I am, and what I am doing, no matter how disjointed things seem at the moment. Hopefully the message isn’t getting too muddled.

  1. The antagonism some people seem to crave needs to come to an end.
  2. Some ideas don’t have to be perfect, they just need to be good enough.
  3. Language has power, and there is the ability to do some great things with words.
  4. Creating a new way of doing things isn’t bad. Evolution of habit rather than the destruction of a stable environment.
  5. Being intelligent is no longer enough for people to thrive. More is required.

That’s the skinny. If you missed the earlier posts, and are wondering if you need to read them to understand what’s coming, then don’t worry – nothing is essential to understand the coming material. Unfortunately, that means there’s going to be a lot of interconnected material coming up. I didn’t want to throw everyone in at the deep end, so you can consider what has appeared as being a gentle nudge.

The concept of gently nudging is something else again. I am never going to force anything on people who aren’t interested in creating a larger canvas to play on. Hell, I can’t even play online at the moment  for the fear that I might slip up and say something. Without preparation, and without explanation, there are going to be people who will freak out. I get it. Really, I do.

Whenever there has been suggestions that things aren’t quite right – that a change is required for people to get the best out of what they are doing – there has been a segment which refused to comply. It’s not right to say “you are doing that wrong,” so I’m going to refrain from anything more than gentle nudging. I’ll make requests, but that’s the extent I will be acting while moving forward.

There is another reason for keeping off forums, Twitter, Facebook and the like… I know that some of the things whirling around in my head are, at best, controversial. Some might see a threat, while others will worry that I am putting together something for personal gain – while it is true that I expect to get a lot out of the idea, I hope others get as much from it. Remember that.

So far only thirty or so people are involved. I’ve been reaching out to unexpected places, to people who I know have little fear of any potentially drastic power shifts – and sure, there’s the possibility that some might be less than altruistic in approaching this. I’m writing in enough safeguards that I am almost certain that people aren’t going to be too horrified. I want everyone to be cool with my mad schemes.

Meanwhile, there is this…


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