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About The Website…

Posted by BigWords on September 25, 2013

The On This Day main page is now available. Pages will be updated as and when I can get into the guts of the database (and one of these days I will share with you the hoops which I have to jump through to get to that information).
The Knowledge has also been tweaked, and there are a few new bits and pieces to make it more useful in the long run. A complete list of posters, pin-ups, free gifts and other goodies is in the planning…

Which, all told, makes for about 400 pages uploaded in the last week, or thereabouts.

I was hoping to stave off the next bit of news for as long as possible, but it seems that my plans have changed from under me yet again. See, the Database was originally intended to have a three-pronged strategy, with the website acting as the hub from which stand-alone books going into much more depth would be available. While the website is all about the hard facts, the plan was to have accompanying books containing trivia, photographs, interviews and other expansions on the basic data. Alongside that angle, there were plans in place to support the small press through a master page for the comic listings – the page being, at the moment, rather bare. It would have acted as advertising, as well as supporting amazing creators…

But “the best laid plans,” as the saying goes.

Firstly, the online shop never really materialized, and what few deals I had in place to keep things ticking over haven’t worked out as they were intended to, with a grand total of about a three hundred pounds coming in since the start of the year. For the greater part of the last seven or eight months, I have spent multiples of this on a weekly basis, and such a situation cannot be expected to continue indefinitely. My handful of researchers have moved on to greener pastures, and I have moved back into the Hell House for the moment to save on expenses. So tight is the belt having to be pulled, that there are no new comics arriving.

Here’s the rub – things don’t seem to be improving, and everything I attempt to get in line is going to take rather longer to come together than the Database needs. If you like what is already up, and if there is information that is particularly useful, then start saving pages (or, if you like, use something akin to HTTrack). I have no idea when the cash is finally going to run out, but I will be uploading as much as I have until the very end.

If anyone is interesting in sponsoring the website, I can be contacted at

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