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GUEST POST: Television Inspirations in Reptilian Literature

Posted by BigWords on November 8, 2012

A guest post from the amazing Carrie Bailey while I am… otherwise preoccupied. Don’t ask.


Following up on Gary’s books referenced in movies series, I thought I’d post on the topic of movies I referenced in my recent novelette. I think it’s more common for people to reference books in movies than to reference movies in books. What an oversight on the part of writers.

None of the books that I incorporated into my reptilian personal finance novelette were explicit. They were more “influential” in its creation in the sense that I borrowed many ideas, but I didn’t identify the sources. One was the movie “V.” I’ve never had the guts to watch it. I like happy stuff and it doesn’t sound like happy stuff to me, but I’ve listened to friends recount the narrative and I felt that was enough to have the idea. The first person to review “The 3 Indispensable rules to taking charge: A reptilian guide to personal finance and world domination,” said he thought it was influenced by the Men in Black movies, because the narrator called humans “meatbags.” But, I actually haven’t seen them. I did watch “Paul,” with Simon Pegg and that impacted my perception of aliens. And while it’s a TV series, I got some inspiration from the Star Trek Ferengi’s Rules of Acquisition.

Still books are much more inspiring than movies. Why is that? I can only guess that it’s because they’re so raw. A movie is a finished product, the author’s ideas manifest, but the creative process has yet to be done when an idea is uncovered within a book. I should read more.

I did reference more books in my reptilian novelette than movies. I’ve just got to mention a few. The first of those was The Prince by Machiavelli, which is fairly obvious within the chapter titled “BE CRUEL.” He was a philosopher, trying to impress a prince-big surprise-and secure a job advising him. It worked and his recommendations are legendary. We’re often told it is better to be feared than loved. That’s got to be reptilian, no? Then there was a little objectivism from Ayn Rand, a little arrogance from Ann Coulter and a bit of self-help from “The 7 habits of highly influential people.”

Of course those are just the obvious ones.

Carrie Bailey is an author. She is not a reptilian. She lives and writes in New Zealand where she downs coffee by the gallon and research new recipes for using pineapple. She is also one of the editors of Peevish Penman.

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