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GUEST POST: Television Inspirations in Reptilian Literature

Posted by BigWords on November 8, 2012

A guest post from the amazing Carrie Bailey while I am… otherwise preoccupied. Don’t ask.


Following up on Gary’s books referenced in movies series, I thought I’d post on the topic of movies I referenced in my recent novelette. I think it’s more common for people to reference books in movies than to reference movies in books. What an oversight on the part of writers.

None of the books that I incorporated into my reptilian personal finance novelette were explicit. They were more “influential” in its creation in the sense that I borrowed many ideas, but I didn’t identify the sources. One was the movie “V.” I’ve never had the guts to watch it. I like happy stuff and it doesn’t sound like happy stuff to me, but I’ve listened to friends recount the narrative and I felt that was enough to have the idea. The first person to review “The 3 Indispensable rules to taking charge: A reptilian guide to personal finance and world domination,” said he thought it was influenced by the Men in Black movies, because the narrator called humans “meatbags.” But, I actually haven’t seen them. I did watch “Paul,” with Simon Pegg and that impacted my perception of aliens. And while it’s a TV series, I got some inspiration from the Star Trek Ferengi’s Rules of Acquisition.

Still books are much more inspiring than movies. Why is that? I can only guess that it’s because they’re so raw. A movie is a finished product, the author’s ideas manifest, but the creative process has yet to be done when an idea is uncovered within a book. I should read more.

I did reference more books in my reptilian novelette than movies. I’ve just got to mention a few. The first of those was The Prince by Machiavelli, which is fairly obvious within the chapter titled “BE CRUEL.” He was a philosopher, trying to impress a prince-big surprise-and secure a job advising him. It worked and his recommendations are legendary. We’re often told it is better to be feared than loved. That’s got to be reptilian, no? Then there was a little objectivism from Ayn Rand, a little arrogance from Ann Coulter and a bit of self-help from “The 7 habits of highly influential people.”

Of course those are just the obvious ones.

Carrie Bailey is an author. She is not a reptilian. She lives and writes in New Zealand where she downs coffee by the gallon and research new recipes for using pineapple. She is also one of the editors of Peevish Penman.

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Lit List: Spaced

Posted by BigWords on November 1, 2012

Season 1

Episode 1 – Beginnings

As part of the sequence where Daisy goes over Tim’s childhood, she mentions Batman comics.
Numerous comics, including Avengers, Cable, Cry For Dawn, Daredevil, The Darkness, Fantastic Four, Planet Comics, Weird Fantasy and Weird Science can be seen in Fantasy Bazaar comic shop in which Tim works. There may be more I haven’t noticed… In real life, it is the renowned comic shop They Walk Among Us.
An issue of FHM can be seen, opened to a Gillian Anderson photograph. I think it is the #84 (Jan 1997) issue.
As part of the sequence where Tim goes over Daisy’s childhood, she can be seen reading a copy of The Beano.
When Tim opens a cupboard two girls are standing in it, just like in The Shining (based on the Stephen King novel).

Episode 2 – Gatherings

The music from the feature film Misery (based on the novel by Stephen King) plays when Daisy is typing.
Tim reads an issue of Zenith while Daisy is on the ‘phone with her boyfriend, and later is seen reading an issue of Judge Dredd. There is talk on the commentary about it being the US editions, which is rather more amusing than it really should be…

Episode 3 – Art

The (thankfully fictional) magazine Flaps is mentioned by Daisy as one of the titles she submitted work to, and the office is later seen.
A whole slew of magazines are seen when Daisy goes to the newsagent, and she then returns to the apartment with magazines and newspapers.
The Guardian very noticeably falls out the top of the bag of newspapers and magazines Daisy returns with.

Episode 5 – Chaos

Socialist Worker newspaper is seen at the beginning of the episode.
2000 A.D., Judge Dredd Magazine, The Death Of Groo (and the other comics in Fantasy Bazaar).
There’s a flashback sequence which is based on the maze sequence from The Shining.
Tim reads The Independent newspaper report of the break-in at the animal testing facility at the end of the episode.

Episode 6 – Epiphanies

Tim wears a Batman t-shirt (with an image in the style of the animated series) at the beginning of the episode.
Captain Marvel (the Fawcett character, rather than the Marvel character) is referenced during the Scrabble game.
Daisy is reading Eightball issue #13 (Apr 1994) before Tim snatches it from her and begins reading it.

Episode 7 – Ends

Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira is mentioned at the beginning of the episode.
Mike mentions Andy McNab when he is in his meeting with the Territorial Army.
Daisy looks at her typewriter in yet another reference to The Shining.
During Daisy and Marsha’s talk, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is referenced.

Deleted Scenes

Mike is holding Gun Magazine while asleep on the train.

Season 2

Episode 1 – Back

Tim’s opening narration is reminiscent of the one in GoodFellas, based on the book by Nicholas Pileggi.
Mike is holding Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson when he comes out of the bathroom.

Episode 2 – Change

French Fun by Catherine Bruzzone, The Diet Cure by Julia Ross, a Dummies Guide title, and a selection of Mr. Men books are among the titles seen in the bookshop Daisy is working in at the end of the episode. Other books are seen, though the names of the books are obscured by the camera angle.

Episode 3 – Mettle

Some of the scenes parody One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, based on the 1962 Ken Kesey novel.
The sequence set in an underground robot wars club is based on Fight Club. “The first rule of Robot Club…”

Episode 4 – Help

Dark Horse Comics is referenced in a poster at the beginning of the episode.
Tyres calls Daisy “Shakespeare” when he arrives to take Tim’s portfolio.
Daisy reads Hello! when she goes to fetch Mike from Marsha’s .

Episode 5 – Gone

Another Shining visual gag appears in this episode.

Episode 6 – Dissolution

Daisy can be seen writing for Colwyn Bay Gazette in a dream sequence. Unfortunately, the website seen is no longer working.

Episode 7 – Leaves

Sophie tells Tim that she has to leave to work for Marvel.

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