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I’m Not Dead

Posted by BigWords on February 11, 2012

There has been quite a gap in posting, which was neither intentional nor a complete surprise. My internet has sucked ass for as long as I have been out here in the middle of nowhere, but these last few months have been absolutely ridiculous. I haven’t thought about scheduling posts here (unlike over at the Database) as it seems that this is the place for random thoughts, not highly-structured stuff, and scheduling ‘off the cuff’ posts seems… Well, it seems downright dishonest. Yeah, I know I’m probably alone in thinking this, so don’t all yell at me at once.

Thus, the filler.

I was going to start with some of the reviews and pimping which have been on hold, but I want to properly address the titles in my “pending” list, and I can’t do that if I am not online. So I thought that something along the lines of a “I’m gonna fix the world” semi-series of posts can act as a continuance of normal activity until I can get things sorted out on this end. So, with that in mind, I want to make sure you are aware that this is all my own opinions and in no way is an official line on anything. Indeed, it may be seen as a semi-sequel to the thoughts which formed my “big idea” series of posts intended to fix the world.

But that is to come. Today is the point where I announce the return of this blog to active status.

If you are wondering what I have been up to, then wonder no more…

  • The science fiction saga of increasing weirdness (incorporating all of the stuff I have been told not to use) is now so large that I am thinking of editing some of the stories down to novel length.
  • The Summer Special (a misbegotten mix of the best of bygone ideas and ideals) is hitting various distro issues, and it looks (at the moment) like it is going to be fully-online orders rather than having newsstand presence. Completely negating the original conceit that the audience IS still out there. I will be ranting about this later.
  • There is a second database I am considering uploading in partwork, and I have been editing down some of the entries into digestible chunks. It has an even smaller area of interest than the current ongoing concern, and is even geekier (if such a thing is possible) and inward-looking. Not sure if that counts as writing, but it certainly is fun.
  • With so much time thanks to the lack of internet access, I have finally completed the first couple of issues of my superhero comic. The artwork is markedly different to the way I had it in my head, but it makes a lot more sense than I had thought it would. I’m thinking it may make a nice six-issue mini-series.

And the list doesn’t include my prolonged fights with the morons who are determined to drive me insane. I’ll hold off on that at the moment, as it seems they have now brought heavy machinery onto the back of my land. Cranes really aren’t as quiet as they look. I had it in my head they they silently slung things around, mostly because I never had two of them so close by. It is… strange.

Take time, while you are here, to click on some of the blogs I’m linking to – they are well worth your attention.


4 Responses to “I’m Not Dead”

  1. J.C said

    Welcome back 🙂

    • BigWords said

      Thank you. Not *quite* back (there’s posts scheduled for the rest of the week), but it is better than the silence which has been glaringly obvious. 🙂 Hopefully I get things sorted out soon, or the insanity is going to reach unprecedented levels.

  2. *pokes at corpse…sees corpse move*

    O. Hai. 🙂

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