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Posted by BigWords on July 1, 2011

Characters outnumbered against incredible odds? Oh yes, this is just what I go for. From 300 to Assault On Precinct 13, through Zulu, watching individuals take a stand against immeasurable odds has fascinated me since I was a brat – some might argue that I’m still a brat, but whatever… There’s something about watching doomed causes which relieves the boredom of the horribly egocentric films in which individuals take on armies and win.

Fans of eighties macho bullshit films need not complain.

Why people shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that a word they don’t recognize is automatically a typo? Well, Lori has that covered. There’s probably good reason for me to add here (while I am in the mood to share) that I am keeping a folder of obscure words for the very purpose of dropping them into sentences when nobody seems to be paying attention. The hirplan way that things meander along means that I get more than enough opportunity to be mean and confuse people.

Gratuitous nudity in literary adaptations? Check. 😀

There are some lessons guys need to learn. Seriously… I still find it hard to imagine any sane guy asking a woman how she feels about oral on a first date.

Guys – what the fuck is wrong with you?

Top 10 YA Fantasy from debut authors.

And some love for The Crow.

For a very special link – King Arthur’s legend. There’s a lot of Arthurian bits and pieces in one of my WIPs, mostly because mo much of modern life has elements of the legends woven through it. There’s a satellite array, the national lottery, security software… It’s almost too easy to weave all those disparate elements together, though (as far as I am aware) there is no true connection between those using the names of characters and places from the myths.

I had thought that I would be done by now, but the sheer amount of things which have gone untended this past couple of months is astronomical – linkies will continue to appear until I am done, and thus able to give enough attention to the writing of interesting posts.


2 Responses to “More Linkies”

  1. ralfast said

    Thanks for the link. Good luck with your story.

  2. Thanks for the pingback (is that really what they’re called? Hm…) 🙂 I didn’t realize Arthurian legend played a part in one of your WIPs. Its the heart of my main WIP right now. There’s so much to draw from on it. Thanks for sharing that link here, too.

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