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2010 Pre-Roundup Posts

Posted by BigWords on December 29, 2010

I’m taking the opportunity to give a quick(-ish) update on the 2010 list – the successor to the 2009 list of notable deaths – as there seems to be a much greater number of names coming to my attention. The idea (when it seemed there was the slightest chance I could be done and dusted in six or seven posts) was to have it hit the blog on the morning of the first, though that now appears to be problematic. It is going to run at least twenty posts, and I don’t want people to feel as if I am spamming them with these names – as important as the listed individuals are – so the current plan is to stagger the publication of the posts across three or four days. Also, the footnote from the original posts asking for a bit of respect on those pages, and to keep things on-topic, is back. Anything which doesn’t advance the information shouldn’t appear on the pages (stick a message here if you feel you really need to say anything, or wait until I’m on to another topic).

Now, here’s where I ask the question (again) that started this recap of the people we lost throughout the year – why does it seem I’m the only person doing this? Think about it for a second. Sports personalities, actors, directors, and celebrities of all hues manage to get the attention their passing merits, but writers? It’s like the world has shrugged its’ shoulders and – collectively – said “Fuck ’em.” This isn’t just me being annoyed at the lack of a collected list to pore over (although I am annoyed), it’s the point where I’m getting angrier at the “just a writer” comments which have been in display over the internet and (so ironically it hurts) in print. Of all the places you would expect to see writers get their dues, it’s in the physical publications.

Consider this part of the post as an explanation of the ones which will be appearing soon.

There is a phrase which isn’t used enough in this era of self-promotion and gratification – “One for the angels.” It has nothing to do with religion if you don’t want it to, though. It’s the notion that a person does something simply because it is a good thing to do. Anything which helps, and is not done for personal gain. There’s a whole list of reasons that this is something which needs to be written, but the best one I can come up with is this:

Knowledge of what has come before is essential if we want to move forward.

Lets start moving forward. Okay, so that sounds vaguely like the kind of bullshit which self-help books promote, and it may not clearly indicate a way to do so. That’s up to writers as individuals, but I’m going to continue pushing for proper acknowledgment of the importance of the written word in modern times – multimedia only goes so far, and it has a horrible track record as far as the intellectual end of the spectrum is concerned. “YouTube Poop” outnumbers arts documentaries by a magnitude, and there are more articles about sports stars, toys, cartoons and reality television personalities (a term I use advisedly, and despite their apparent lack of personality) than there are about great literature.

Ugh. This sounds as if I’m whining again. Yeah. Definitely whining. I’ll stop while I’m ahead.


5 Responses to “2010 Pre-Roundup Posts”

  1. Leslie Nielsen? He was a huge loss, especially for us Canadians.

  2. bigwords88 said

    I haven’t got to the letter N yet – the list has barely scratched D, but I’ll keep his name in mind. 🙂

  3. bigwords88 said

    His co-authorship of The Naked Truth justifies Nielsen’s inclusion.

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