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Posted by BigWords on November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving. Yeah, that’s another brilliant idea I’m going to steal for Blighty. We don’t often look on the positive side of things over this side of the pond, rather tending – with equal parts dismay and dry humor – to paint a picture of a less than brilliant existence. We like moaning about the weather, telling horror stories about medical care, complaining about queues, and… Stuff. Needless to say, there comes a time when we should look, for once, to things which aren’t going to drive us to despair. It’s an opportunity to say “Hey, Britain isn’t as shit as we thought it was.” And we have a lot to be thankful for – medical advances, computer achievements on a par with anything coming out of Japan, a stellar literary community… Doctor Who as well, I guess. Or at least Amy Pond.

Okay, so this calls for a list. I may as well go all out here.

I am thankful for:

…the fact that Brannon Braga isn’t writing the new Star Trek film.
…the existence of Blair Atholl malt.
…the existence of the internet, and high speed connections which makes downloading all the important things so fast and easy.
…the cancellation of Enterprise. And Bionic Woman. And… Have they nixed Knight Rider yet?
99 Red Balloons. The perfect song to listen to as North Korea stirs up shit. Again.
…all of The Three Stooges shorts available online.
…British libraries. And book shops. Also the amazing staff who never throw me out.

Damn. I suck at this. I’m not sure this is going to take off in the UK.

5 Responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Great post. Happy Thanksgiving, Scotty 🙂

  2. Jamie D. said

    I think you did just fine. We like to complain on this side of the pond too – I’m pretty sure it’s a universal thing.

    One of the things I’m most thankful for today (aside from the internet) is that the company’s gone, and it’s just me and hubby and a quiet house again. Quite the hermit, I am. 😉

    And I’m thankful our PBS is playing Dr. Who over here now, too…

  3. bigwords88 said

    I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Alternatively, anyone who had a crummy day can come here and whine about it. I promise not to mock too freely. 😉

  4. You mock? Never! 😉

    I’ve heard 99 Red Balloons on more instances in my short time of living in Germany than I have the whole rest of my life.

  5. bigwords88 said

    It’s a great song, and – so important in these days of cookie-cutter, shallow pop mediocrity (hello, Justin Bieber, I’m talking about you) – it’s one which has an important political message embedded in it as well as being completely hummable. Love that song…

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