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It’s Gonna Be One Of THOSE Weeks Then…

Posted by BigWords on October 4, 2010

The rain which lashed down upon me over the end of last week and into the weekend kinda worried me, especially since I haven’t had anyone look at the roof yet. In a moment of inspiration, I decided to utilize the roll of plastic sheeting in the shed, originally set aside to line the roof of said shed… My method of keeping the rain out consisted of attaching the sheet to the ceiling of the attic with a staple-gun, which proved to be less than successful. It managed to hold up until early in the morning (until 4am it was fine), but at just after 6am there was a big bang. A really big bang. The kind of noise which means something bad has happened. Yeah. The attic ceiling (with the water-filled sheeting still attached to it) had hit the floor, exposing the timbers.

Normally I would sigh and put it off until I got home, but there was light coming through, and there seemed to be more damage than I had seen before. The only thing I could do was take the day off and round up the troops to see what could be done in the space of a day. A more knowledgeable individual pointed out the strut damage and decided to get a professional eye on the situation, so a quick ‘phone call later, I found myself playing host to all manner of peeps. The roof is, in short, completely fucked. Great news to start the week with. I’ve spent the last ten hours manhandling metal poles to shore up the roof until I can get someone in to fix it properly, but even at basic prices, I’m looking at a hefty expense getting it back to anything resembling safe.

But that isn’t the best part. Oh no. The blisters and cuts from my day of manual labor pale into insignificance with the other main cause of my frustration at this crumbling pile of shit I call home now. The wooden panels in the room directly below the attic had been… Well, I say bulging, but it’s more like they were being warped out of place. One crowbar later, I had managed to pry off the skirting and slide out two of the panels to see what was the cause. It’s most likely just age (the problem kinda slipped my mind when I had put them aside), but more troubling – and proof that the house really was trying to kill me – was the state of the walls. Past the gunk which was used to attach the wooden sheets to the walls – the superglue of its’ day – was this sight awaiting me…

Not exactly a good thing. The bluish-green stuff… Take a wild guess. Uh-uh. It’s asbestos – and I know enough not to start screwing around with stuff like that. I’ve read all about Napoleon, and I’ve studied enough texts on Victorian life to know plenty of people have died because of the damnable stuff. I’ve managed to remove everything of importance from that part of the house, but there’s too many variables in the removal of the asbestos to safely gauge how much disruption getting rid of it will cause. I’ve started calling up every specialist I can think of, and the general consensus is that there is probably layers of it in other parts of the house.

To say I’m incredibly pissed off about this is an understatement.I had a small moment earlier today when I thought that it really would be better to simply take my possessions out and burn the house to the ground, but I resisted.

Deep breaths… Deep breaths… Deep breaths…

As much as it pains me to spend more money, I guess I’m gonna have to bite the bullet on this one. This is going to be a very long week.


6 Responses to “It’s Gonna Be One Of THOSE Weeks Then…”

  1. Jamie D. said

    Yikes. And condolences. No one should have to start a week like that. 😦

    Ugh, and good luck…

  2. bigwords88 said

    Thanks. I’m trying hard not to imagine what the universe has in store for me next, as it may very well send me completely insane.

  3. My sympathies! Perhaps you can barter for help? You can paint over asbestos and seal it. We did it at an old house with an asbestos-wrapped furnace. And you can remove it yourself if you learn good technique and containment. The major trick is to keep it from drying out and becoming airborne. Sounds like drying out is NOT one of your issues right now…

  4. *removes matches from your hand*

    It has wonderful things in store for you next, since it royally screwed you this time. 🙂

    *sends you good vibes*

  5. bigwords88 said

    During the night I had one of the (relatively rare) moments when everything seemed to make sense. As long as I am intent on gutting the house to clear out everything which may pose a danger, I may as well take the opportunity to fix it up to the way I want it – reshaping rooms and messing around with the layout of the property. I also remembered how cold Scotland could get during the night… Last time I ever decide to camp out this late in the year.

  6. Claire Gillian said

    Yikes! Hope you week’s improved even a smidgeon since you posted this. Asbestos is some nasty juju.

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