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I Haz BlogType AwardThing – End Of The World Imminent

Posted by BigWords on June 19, 2010

There are, apparently, “rules” I must follow (yes, the dreaded R-word popping up on my blog again) so I’ll put in bold the important stuff. I’m bending the format of this award-thing, but it won’t do any harm. 🙂

Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.

The excellent and entertaining Claire Gillian, who probably should have read all of the previous posts before highlighting the insanity which can be found here as award-worthy, has her post here. Massive thanks for this undeserving blog being mentioned alongside Amanda Plavich, Regan Leigh, Julie Loden, Damien Grintalis et al. Go look at the post in full, and follow Claire on Twitter here. Yes, that is an order.

Onto the next part of the award…

Share seven things about yourself.

Damn. I knew it wouldn’t be so easy… Okay. Seven things about me. For people who have been following this blog for a while, the “revelations” will be old news, so I’m expanding somewhat on each entry. Plus I’ll throw in a couple of things I can’t remember having written about here – I may have made reference to them elsewhere, but it’ll keep this post from being deathly dull.

# 1. I have OCD. Aside from the incessant collecting of books, computer games, DVDs, CDs, odd bits of hardware and other items, there is a running theme of the number four. Multiples of four, and references to the number, crop up everywhere, and even though a lot of the time I know I’m doing things in fours, it also appears unexpectedly in things when I don’t expect it to. It’s one of the reasons why lists show up so often, and why I obsess over the right way to do lists, and associated gathering and distribution of information.

This may be of importance later. Just saying…

# 2. I smoke. A lot. These days, admitting that you smoke is on a par with admitting that you like to eat human flesh, but for centuries it was positively encouraged. The fact that governments make billions of pounds (and probably trillions of dollars in the US) is conveniently overlooked when self-righteous politicians appear on television to say that smoking is bad. By my continued smoking, I am putting money back into the running of my country like a good little citizen. Yay for smoking.

# 3. I like bad movies. Not that films have to be bad for me to enjoy them (Godfather II is one of my all-time favorite films), but I can get as much enjoyment from RoboCop 3 as I can from Solaris or El Topo – I did grow up with a constant stream of Roger Corman, Charles Band and Lew Grade productions feeding my imagination, so the emphasis on plot and storytelling over FX probably enables me to overcome the horrific visuals of certain films.

# 4. I read a lot. Anything. Everything. The lack of distinction between genre and literary (and between genres) means I don’t really care about the barriers which some people manage to raise between books – it’s all good. It’s all equal. The Road, a novel hailed as a literary work, reminds me so much of the seventies Italian post-apocalyptic films that I can enjoy its schlocky elements – it’s a fine book, but it’s a brilliant meta-novelization of all those films. Hate me for that comment if you want, but the blatant inspiration for the novel remains evident.

# 5. I make sketches of all my characters. Even the ones who are never properly described get some form of illustrative work done for them, so I can keep straight in my head who each character is. I also do a lot more background material than anyone should ever contemplate, but it all helps solidify the worlds I try to bring to life. This has been covered in some length here before, but it bears repeating – the more I know about the characters and locations, the more I can deliver with the words I chose.

# 6. I used to smoke a lot of legally questionable stuff. When I say “a lot” I really mean shitloads, and when I say “legally questionable” I mean illegal. It is rare that I tell this story, but seeing as I have this special occasion I might as well tell you about this: Probably eight or nine years ago, with quite a nice buzz already, I thought I had run out of resin. The hopeful part of my brain said no, whilst the logical part decided otherwise. In my bedside drawer I found what I believed to be the remnants of my last bender, and promptly stuck it in the pipe. Big mistake. It was a piece of plastic, and it scratched my throat up for weeks. There’s a damn good reason why people aren’t meant to burn things made of plastic.

On a similar note, I have eaten bread with mold on it. You’ve seen when bread gets the blue stuff? Yeah. I scraped off the blue bits with a knife and coated it in a thick layer of butter and honey. It’s hard to describe the bitter, lingering taste of food which has gone off, but I can tell you this – the taste will stick with you for the better part of a week. Doesn’t matter how many times you brush your teeth, or rinse with mouthwash, the dry and clinging aroma of fouled bread will be with you.

# 7. I couldn’t use my hands for a couple of days as a teenager. Or maybe younger… The specifics are vague, but I got really, really annoyed with a friend, and as I was walking out of his house through the close (an external passageway through the house) I punched out with both my arms. Naturally, balled fists against bricks are no match, and my hands were quite badly bruised up. The lesson in there is probably something to do with not letting anger get the better of you, but I like to think that the lesson is really about using biotech to surpass the frailties we were born with.

Given half the chance, I would *so* opt in for the full Steve Majors upgrade. And, y’know, if anyone has a spare biomod canister lying around… Just saying…

Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason!

So I’m guessing I should at least try and keep to the spirit of the third rule. “Recently discovered” means that I ought to highlight the peeps whom I have only recently discovered. Yeah. So the definition of recently is perhaps being stretched to stretching point with my choices, but I’m playing this my way. To avoid favoritism, I’m not counting any blogs which were mentioned in Claire’s post. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t have picked anyone mentioned alongside me, because I would have. Just playing fair to the folks who haven’t been given a chance, or tormented with this, yet.

1. Benjamin Solah (follow on Twitter)
2. Beth Plus a quick mention of her other blog, because nothing in the rules says I can’t do so.
3. Blake M. Petit (follow on Twitter)
4. Justin Caynon (follow on Twitter)
5. Effie Collins (follow on Twitter)
6. Jamie DeBree (follow on Twitter)
7. Melanie Avila (follow on Twitter)
8. Emily Cross (follow on Twitter)
9. Christopher S. Daley (follow on Twitter)
10 Ralfast There’s also not one, but two other blogs you should check out. (follow on Twitter)
11 Daniel Sos (follow on Twitter)
12 ArachneJericho (follow on Twitter)
13 Scott Williams (follow on Twitter)
14 Nanda O (follow on Twitter)
15 Romi Moondi (follow on Twitter)

Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

That’s more of a demand than a proper part of the rules. *sigh* Yeah. Fine. I’ll get right on it.


Knowing my luck, I’ve probably screwed up one of the above links, so feel free to bitch and whine at me if you find any errors. I may fix them if you catch me in a good mood. No guarantees though…


7 Responses to “I Haz BlogType AwardThing – End Of The World Imminent”

  1. Claire Gillian said

    Bahahaha, glad to upright your anti-establishment world and convert it into a place where, if only for a single post, puppies and unicorns frolic happily through the otherwise stoic pages of blue and grey. You’ve conformed quite well, green award jpeg omission notwithstanding, though I do apologize for not making you reveal EIGHT things about yourself so that I wouldn’t have violated your rule of 4. My apologies for that. Please feel free to add an eight revelation. Rules were made to be bent after all.

  2. bigwords88 said

    Fact # 8 (because the temptation is too strong to resist): I’ve never actually poopsocked, but I have made judicious use of empty juice bottles when I’m playing a game too good to leave for any length of time. I highly recommend Oasis bottles, for anyone who is interested, because they have wider necks.

  3. Romi said

    Awww…thank you so much for this award link and tweet! You are a special friend 🙂

    PS: so when I’m on a first date, I should leave out the human flesh from my list of fave foods? Okay, good tip.

  4. Beth said

    Aw, thanks for the nod! 🙂
    This may take a while for me to respond too…

  5. Effie said

    Hey, thanks! I’ll get to this soon. Appreciate the nod.

  6. I like #7! Well, not like the fact that you hurt your hands, but the lesson learned. Biotech? yay!

    I totally agree with you about the Matrix, now. I watched the second movie and was extremely disappointed, not just because they crammed a lot more romance in it, but because of the way they handled everything. Everything was just really… blah. *sigh* I don’t even feel like watching the third now.

  7. bigwords88 said

    Everyone who is gonna take their time to put up their post – feel free to take as long as you need. Rules are meant to be broken. 🙂

    Spamwarrior – Watch The Animatrix to get an idea of what was ripped off for the films. The anime sequence in Kill bill is another more modern appropriation of the techniques perfected by Ghost In The Shell (which anyone serious about SF knows was ripped off for the film). One of these days I’ve got to sit down and list every single instance of misappropriated story, visuals and characters. Never in the history of cinema has one film screwed over so many talented creators… we’ll never get to see an Invisibles film now, all thanks to the Wachowski brothers.

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