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“The Ant” Typeface – Unused Originals

Posted by BigWords on March 15, 2010

As often happens, sometimes I work on something which gets stuck at some point – nothing wrong with the idea, nothing wrong with the story, characters of format, but the parts simply don’t add up to the whole. The following font was for a pulp character which was intended as a counterpoint to the ‘lone hero’ stories of the thirties and forties, making a point about how difficult it is to fight crime in isolation. The character of The Ant was to change in every story, with the secret organization (roughly) following the social strata of real ants. The idea of “the collective good” seemed a tad too close to an espousal of Communist ideals for some, and the project never really got off the ground.

There are character designs kicking around somewhere, but as I’ve only just discovered the font I created for the story I’ll start there. It’s based on a few Art Deco designs, and was laboriously rendered in Adobe Photoshop – there are approximately thirty layers for the colored, finished lettering, but these are the B&W originals which (until now) have never been seen by anyone. I never got around to creating the other letters, but I only really needed six anyway.

And the original design for the header in full:

The actual ant logo in the center was going to be handed off to someone who could design a more appealing (and more era-accurate) rendition, but it gets across the 1940s vibe well enough. I can’t remember what was going to be inside the arch at the top of the box, though I have a feeling it was a design element lifted from a from a book of copyright-free designs to save time (and money).


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