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Is It Time For Gordon Brown To Grow A Pair?

Posted by BigWords on March 1, 2010

Paul and Rachel Chandler have now been held by Somali pirates since October, and there seems to be no aid forthcoming from the British government – is this really the reaction we should be getting from a political party supposedly courting votes for a forthcoming election? As if the threats of rape Rachel Chandler has received weren’t enough to buoy the Labour stuffed shirts into action, there is now a ticking clock on Mr. Chandler’s health… There is enough medical reason to intervene in the prolonged fiasco engineered by FO (the mandarins so incompetent that the government keeps them busy on foreign waters), with doctors stating that the kidnapped man’s eyesight will be permanently damaged in as little as a few weeks.

Is this the true face of the Labour Party? I can barely imagine voting for them in the looming madness which election fever will surely bring, but the cold and brutal way in which Brown has turned his back on British citizens whose lives are hanging on the line completely beggars belief. If they were soldiers captured by the Taliban there would be national outcry, military intervention and cynical, stage manipulated photo opportunities for the grinning one-eyed politico. Because the Chandlers are civilians, and are in a situation which affords the Prime minister no gains, they are treated as if they were lepers – at the moment. As soon as their deaths are announced Wee Gordy will be on the evening news, with his dour face on, wringing his hands and gnashing his teeth, he’ll spit out some words of condolence.

But before things get to that stage, and before the Foreign Office has a chance to cock things up to a greater extent than they already have, we should see something being done. Some action, however small, would show that there is a heart beating in Brown’s chest – a diseased, malformed heart, but a heart nevertheless.

Okay, another take on this – What if it had been a celebrity who was captured by pirates? Would there be a political urgency to get things resolved as quickly as possible? Of course there would. Perhaps not for Bono, or Gwyneth Paltrow, but I’m sure that the public would want certain famous people saved. If it was Stephen Fry being held captive, I’d climb in a rowboat and set off to rescue him myself… But Paul and Rachel Chandler haven’t lived in the spotlight, so the politicians who could arrange safe passage home under the protection of a special military detachment (if they deemed fit to do so), simply couldn’t care less. And this, you must remember, is during a period in which the responsibilities of the average citizen is being hammered home by our unenlightened overseers.

Can you spell ‘hypocrisy’ Mr Brown?


2 Responses to “Is It Time For Gordon Brown To Grow A Pair?”

  1. Robert Feeley said

    How about this program from Obama – an SPN Headlines exclusive:

    Keep smiling! 🙂

  2. I really hope they are able to come home safely. Unfortunately, it is very true what you said: there is always more attention if the kidnapped are famous. As though these people are any less important human beings!

    It’s very sad and frustrating.

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