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5 Responses to “Icon Redux – Wonder Woman”

  1. I’m curious if they will make the film or not. I do hope that if they do- it’s not another “beginnings” story.

  2. bigwords88 said

    Silver (apparently) wants to ignore everything WWII in the film, going so far as to buy up a script set in the era. I’m not holding my breath on it being brilliant.

    As long as the logo is symmetrical, and avoids being awkward, I’ll be happy. And they really should look into fixing the costume back to her having a skirt. I like the skirt, and wonder if the teeny panties are entirely appropriate for someone who is engaged in so many big fights. The look she sported on the cover of the War Of The Gods mini-series is perfect for the character. Helmet, sword, shield… Far better than a mundane superhero look.

  3. Kara said

    Hmmm… you have a marvelous attention to detail. I, to am curious as to when the fabled Wonder Woman movie will be “on” again. Joss Whedon ! *shakes head sadly* I had so much faith that he would do brilliance. But I guess we can’t have it all.

    Interesting post. Glad I popped over here.


  4. bigwords88 said

    Joss (diplomatically) pointed out the fact there was no support in evidence for his script. Actually, calling what he did a ‘script’ is probably pushing the truth a bit… He never got to the stage where a full script was produced, making the situation for fans even more frustrating. I would love to read what he did complete, even in its unfinished state – it will undoubtedly prove more gripping than that of whomever gets tapped for the job.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    • Kara said

      I know. I know. It’s just “what would have been” syndrome I am prone to when it comes to his Movies/Television shows.

      Here’s hopin for a brighter future for Wonder Woman tho!

      A girl can dream a little can’t she? 😀

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