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Tiger Woods – And UK Censorship… What A Combination!

Posted by BigWords on December 11, 2009

Here are some things I know about Tiger Woods:

  • He’s American.
  • He’s colored.
  • He’s a golfer.
  • He’s a player.
  • He crashed a car.

Here are some things – because of the censorship of the UK media – which I now suspect:

  • He’s an alcoholic.
  • He’s a wife-beater.
  • He’s a junkie.
  • He tried to kill someone.
  • He has ties to organized crime.

See? When you try to block information, I jump to the worst possible scenario. Before the media blackout on information regarding the sportsman, when he was just another boring golfer, I really didn’t pay him much attention at all. Now that there is a scandal, he’s fast becoming a possible O.J. Simpson mk. II in the eyes of the British public. Face it, when a black American sports star is involved in a scandal, there are far, far more pressing matters to deal with than getting some lawyers to shut the press up. If he’s innocent of any serious crimes, and there are some very dark rumors flying around at the moment, then he should have the stones to let the story be told.

Only someone with secrets to hide bring out lawyers.

Tiger hasn’t been very bright about his handling of this mess, and as he is fast becoming the golfing world’s answer to Kim Kardashian there are bound to be even more lurid and disturbing things muttered about what he was up to. I’m not sure if he was pressured into the legal silence, but it tarnishes anything left of his once-good reputation…

Be a man, Tiger. Tell the lawyers your story can be told.

If anything, the thought of another hilarious tragic downfall of a sports star being broadcast endlessly is one which I really don’t look forward to. You would think that seeing the unfolding drama of a hero-to-small-children might contain moments of interest, though I ain’t even vaguely interested. It’s the information blackout which is the real story here. Anyways, enjoy the pic.

Just in case anyone thinks I’m ragging on Tiger, I’m not. ‘Kay. The irony will be lost on some readers, I’m sure, but the point I’m making is simple:

Censorship. Does. Not. Work.



4 Responses to “Tiger Woods – And UK Censorship… What A Combination!”

  1. Amanda said

    I’m so sick of hearing about it over here, I could spit. We are getting to hear all of the lurid details, especially now that he’s admitted to his infidelity. I’m surpised you aren’t getting all of that there!

    I do have to say that I don’t want to know the details, honestly, if for no other reason than out of respect for his wife. Can you imagine being her right now? WIth two babies? Ugh…it makes my stomach churn.

  2. bigwords88 said

    In the UK we have had the car crash story, then a few reports of infidelity, then…

    Oh, wait – that’s when the lawyers stepped in and prevented anyone from discussing events. Which makes his position appear so, so much worse than it actually is. The chatter is getting to a level where he is being compared to some truly unsavory individuals.

  3. Amanda said

    That is so crazy! That is the polar opposite of what we are getting. We’ve got the text messages, phone calls, etc., etc., etc., gag.

    But hey, at least we know exactly what kind of douche he is and don’t have to forumate our own ideas of it.

  4. haha, Tiger is so funny! I love him.

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