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Oops, I Didn’t Mean To Use So Much…

Posted by BigWords on November 26, 2009

The recent kerfuckle regarding my web ‘n’ walk stick seems to have been a warning about my usage, as a nice message appeared on-screen rather than the ‘Add New Post’ screen. Turns out I have used all my allocated bandwidth for the month. Yes, three whole gigabytes of information in twenty-six days. Less, actually, as I paid on the eighth. Which means that in eighteen days I have used the web more than most folks. These days three gigabytes don’t go far, what with all of the internet’s wonderful distractions. Not to mention all of the wonderful web browser games…

I normally watch what I’m using, but this month I had torrents running in the background while I was busy writing. The damn things still haven’t downloaded completely, and I guess I really shouldn’t have them running again until next month, but I’m living dangerously and hoping the connection doesn’t go screwy again.  There’s a lot of other service providers out there, so it won’t be much of an issue if they do decide to come down on me for continued abuse of their broken, incomprehensible and overpriced lack of service.

Yes, I really do suck at trying to be nice to the companies I rely on.

The penalty for going over their abitrary level is surprisingly unimaginative, but for T-Mobile I guess it is the best they can manage. Between four in the afternoon and midnight they will be choking the connection. Wow. Such forward thinking ideas are the reason they aren’t the UK’s leading mobile service provider.

I’ll be back online after midnight, as if anyone cares…

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