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Not A NaNoWriMo Post… Honest.

Posted by BigWords on November 19, 2009

I’ve stayed concentrated on pushing my word count as hard as possible for NaNoWriMo, so the last month hasn’t really seen me cut into what is happening in the wider world. I’m starting to miss writing about the insanity which bounces around the internet, so this is a brief encapsulation on my views over the last month which don’t concern the WIP. There have been a lot of things happening, but my interest has focused on a few cases of note.

Google Sets Out To Take Over The World

Yes, Google (that bastion of fair play) has yet another plan for digitized books, and they seem to be ignoring both common sense and the writers whose work they are abusing. It seems (to me, at any rate) more like a hostage situation than a negotiation. They’ve taken the books – by means of digital photography – and now they want to talk about money. There are few things sadder to watch than a company sowing the seeds of its’ own downfall, and their constant manipulation of the situation has gone from ludicrous to insane with a well-timed press release. They are saying to authors and publishers worldwide “you are our bitches.”

Did I miss something here? They’re a massive international company, yet they act like the playground bully… Justifying their actions is nearly impossible, so why isn’t a stronger stance being taken? Here’s an idea, and anyone can feel free to use it: Next book you get into print, put something along the lines of “Google can suck my cock” in the indicia. Lets see if they scan that fucking page, huh. While the idea of getting out-of-print books online is worthwhile, Google is the last company I would trust to get it done right.

US Publishers Eye British Libel Laws Warily

And so they should. The libel laws in the UK are important, yet they are seriously worrying some American publishers. The law prevents me from calling Gordon Brown the liar he is, or saying that the UK police force is still an institutionally racist group, or from pointing out that 90% of British ‘news’ is more fanciful than anything D** B**** has written. They halt the slide into anarchy which would occur if anyone was allowed to write about how stupid and out of touch the royal family are. The libel laws are a godsend for anyone wanting to break the law, then hide behind their right to a secret life – just ask half of the celebrities in the UK.

My initial instinct was panic when I heard this. Are American newspapers and magazines really going to disappear? Please say it ain’t so – I don’t think I would be able to survive without at least some serious journalism in the UK, and we aren’t going to get that from The Daily Mail or The Sun. Imports are the only way to keep up with the really important news. I don’t care about lame boy bands, or which actress has flashed her crotch at the paparazzi, or whatever minor and irrelevant crap the scum press are pushing as world-shattering news today.

The Books Which Are Making Waves In The News

Dr Brooke Magnanti was revealed as the author of Belle de Jour (which was about her life as a “high class” prostitute) earlier this month, with hilarious results. The research scientist had the blog (from which the book sprang) published anonymously, so some people assumed it to be written by a famous male author, or a witty prankster. Turns out that it was true after all. On a similar note, Sarah Palin’s book (which is about her life as a “low class” politician – a whore by any other name) is out now.

I’m trying to take this shit seriously, but I just don’t know how any person can.


3 Responses to “Not A NaNoWriMo Post… Honest.”

  1. angela said

    Yikes I’ll have to read that Google press release–that’s some scary stuff!

  2. bigwords88 said

    I wouldn’t be so pissed off with Google if they played fair once in a while. Slipping out important information on a Friday evening smacks of dirty tricks. Their official press release can be found here.

    If you think the agreement is scary, wait til they decide that any free books already online need to be added to their plans. It’s only a matter of time before they make a play for The Project Gutenberg library and other online resources.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I’m disappointed in Google. Actually, I’ve disappointed in Google for a while, now it’s just magnified.

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