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NaNoWriMo: The Offer

Posted by BigWords on November 3, 2009

“The city is split into sixteen sectors, each of which is covered by a specific team. From this location we are covering-” The General tapped the operator sitting in front of the bank of screens on his shoulder. “What’re we looking at?”
“Sector fourteen.”
“The business district. Not much to see here.”
“I would have thought that the DCU was all over white-collar crime.” Adway smirked.
“Data crime isn’t confined to one sector above all others. Having said that, we are experiencing problems in the more run-down areas.”
“The Kings.”
“Street gangs are the responsibility of the police force.”
“There aren’t enough officers to tackle the Kings. In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re not blessed with a decent budget these days.”
“Which is hy things have to change. We need people to reconsider the Vice President’s ideas on concerted surveillance efforts. This,” The General indicated the monitors,”This is the beginning. We are building a new infrastructure, and we need people who have the skills to use the information we receive effectively.”
“You want me to join the DCU?”
“If that is what you want.”
“Sitting in front of monitors all day isn’t my idea of an advancement in career.”
“You won’t be sitting in front of any monitors. We are creating a response unit.”
“Looking back to the bad old days for inspiration, huh?”
“We’ve come a long way.”

Adway sat outside the DCU headquarters for an hour; smoking, thinking and worrying about the offer was as close to deep thought as he had allowed himself in many years. The opportunity to make a bit more money was also something that needed to be weighed in the decision. The tree-lined square was quiet, yet the presence of the cameras – always present – made the pleasant retreat from the bustling, multi-platform city seem less idyllic.
“Is this what I want?”

The General sat quietly in front of the Sector 5 console, watching as the monitors began blinking out one by one. The operator began cycling through various cameras, but as soon as a fresh angle was lined up the feed would go dead. In total, three hundred and forty cameras – and counting – had been disabled in the space of two minutes. The operator was wholly unable to keep pace with the assault on the only surveillance method in the old district.
“What the hell is happening?”
“Error response. Critical attack.”
The controller’s hands hovered over the board, stationary.
The controller slumped forward, unresponsive.

Eight large black transporters, of the kind which had brought Adway to the complex, emerged from the side of the building, half way up the side of the aspect looking over the square. Adway watched, noting how elegantly the vehicles managed to cope with the stresses that were expected of them. It was the kind of incentive that The General – whatever his name was – loved to display.
“All this for my benefit?”
Stubbing out a cigarette, Adway headed back into the building, still undecided on what his answer would be, but needing to speak once more with The General.
The front entrance to the DCU headquarters was locked. Adway looked for his comm, but before he could bring up a connection was interrupted by a voice behind him.
“Are you the new guy?”
“Very. I haven’t even signed up yet.”
“At least you aren’t discounting the idea.”
“What business is it of yours anyway?” Adway turned to the young man behind him.
“My name is Adam. I’m in charge of the new team The General is putting together.”


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