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Scientology Is A Fraud

Posted by BigWords on October 27, 2009


You might have been paying attention to the news. Maybe not. There is a lot of shit being passed off as news these days, so finding things of importance can be rather tiring, and separating the idiocy from the actual news is more skill than luck. I’m very pleased to report that a piece of actual news – real, important NEWS – has been slipped out between the stories of skateboarding dogs and pictures of celebrities who have experienced ‘wardrobe malfunctions. Yes, it’s some actual world-affirming news… Yay.

Scientology is a fraud.


News sources are not great places to find news, but it turns out cheese-eating surrender-monkeys the French courts have laid down the decree with due seriousness (something L. Ron Hubbard’s books lack). Alain Rosenberg, the head of the French arm of the cult religion has pooh-poohed the decision and the fine. It’s kinda irrelevant to their operations elsewhere, but it is a sign that not everyone has been brainwashed by their insane blithering about aliens and other nonsense. Is it too early get the party poppers out? Maybe.

It amused me no end to discover that the “church” has a Celebrity Centre. What the fuck? Is that where they teach people how to be shallow, egocentric and abusive towards minions? Damn, I guess that explains a lot about the state of modern celebrities.

Tommy Davis, spokesman for the Church of Scientology International, told BBC News that the court had acted “in total violation of the European Convention on Human Rights and French constitutional guarantees on freedom”. Yeah, that would be the very same European Convention on Human Rights which has been abused by rapists, murderers and pedophiles to get their convictions quashed. You’re in great company guys.

There wasn’t any reference to Tom Cruise’s sexuality in the article, but I suppose someone might have stressed (just to make sure the “truth” was printed) that he ain’t a raving queen. Fine. <SARCASM>Tom Cruise is 100% straight. </SARCASM> Of course, it would be incredibly childish for me to post that picture of John Travolta snogging a man, for no better reason than I can, so…

Scientology Is Gay

*cough* Yeah, so there’s that, and it brings up an interesting question… Do you have to be gay to be a Scientologist, or is it merely coincidence that two of the big names in the cult religion swing that way?



2 Responses to “Scientology Is A Fraud”

  1. I’ve just posted on the case of fraud at I argue that the problems are indicative of broader susceptabilities facing religion–namely, susceptability to the profit-motive and an over-estimation of religious leaders.

    If you haven’t already read it, here is a NYT article on the case:

  2. bigwords88 said

    Thank you for the links.

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