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My NaNoWriMo Novel Is A SF… And A Horror… And A Thriller… And…

Posted by BigWords on October 21, 2009

It isn’t surprising that I couldn’t work out what I wanted to write for NaNo, given that the blank canvas laid out before me could take any number of turns. The work, as has been pointed out, doesn’t have to be a novel of outstanding brilliance and originality, it is merely required to hit the fifty thousand word mark before the end of November. Most of the ideas I generated in the last week have been short stories, maybe novellas at best. Not a problem.

The thought that I might be able to tie these disparate elements together in a patchwork of overlapping events was one which only came to me this morning as I sat down with a cup of coffee and a smoke. Maybe it was a moment of divine inspiration, it might have been desperation… Hell, it could possibly have been an injection of caffeine to the system which finally nailed the concept in my brain. I’m gonna be writing a novel made up of novels…

Which is a dumb way to think of the idea, but I can’t think of a better way to put it. There seems to be quite a lot of history building in my subconscious already, and I have the feeling that I may be writing closer to 400k rather than 50k when I’m done with this. I’ll try to get the main story out of the way during the month, and – if I have time – begin filling in all of the strands which aren’t essential to the overall universe.

Exact information would be hard to give without me beginning anything, but I’m sure the SF elements will be heavy to the front, with horror and comedy bubbling beneath the surface. The thriller aspect should be handled with the nature of the plot, but I’m not sure how many other genres I can draw from. This might work after all…


The first person to say “cyberpunk” gets poked with a sharp stick.

3 Responses to “My NaNoWriMo Novel Is A SF… And A Horror… And A Thriller… And…”

  1. J.C said

    Sounds like it will be a busy month for you! Looking forward to hearing how the idea pans out 🙂 I’ll still be writing my novel well after the month of November is over to be sure, glad I won’t be the only one!

  2. bigwords88 said

    I’m actually hoping to get 250k done in the month, which – given my insomnia and OCD – isn’t entirely unprecedented. The main story should take me a couple of weeks (granted, it won’t be fine-tuned because I’m following the NaNo rules) and I’ll begin work on the ancillary stories as soon as I type “The End”.

    I’m like Popeye… That is, if Popeye got his strength from coffee and cigarettes.

  3. J.C said

    lol thats very cool, envious that you can get that much out in a month! The most I’ve done is 70K in one, but then the kids are a pretty big distraction from getting stuff done 😉

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