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Getting Back In The Saddle

Posted by BigWords on October 8, 2009

This past week has been exceptionally silent in regards to posts (and, for that matter, internet activity in general) so I ought to place things into context for anyone thinking I had died. The T-mobile stick had stubbornly refused to work at any level, dropping my connection at inopportune moments and refusing to play ball.

So, in a desperate effort to get things sorted, I bought a new (budget) laptop. Which is the equivalent of using a .45 to kill a cockroach. Yeah, the expense is a bit too much to justify, but I need my internet. I should be back up and running by this time tomorrow, so rumors of my demise can stop now… Please… Telling everyone I have been killed in an industrial accident with a lawnmower is neither big nor clever.

Whenever I get cut off from my internet passtimes I get rather obsessed with the state of my external hard drives, so the opportunity afforded by the enforced down-time was too good to pass up. Which, given the uncompressed nature of the files and the size of the drives, meant that a couple of days were given over to the defragmentation and tidying up of the drives.

I’m not going anywhere, and things will get back to normal given time, patience and a shitload of folding.


I have managed to get quite a lot of writing done in the time which would normally be spent surfing, and have come to the conclusion that without the constant stream of weirdness which the net brings I am unable to competently bring my words to life. Shit, the need for the web to write must be one of the most pathetic excuses which has ever been given for bad prose.


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