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T-Mobile Connection Problems

Posted by BigWords on September 20, 2009

[warning: yet more raging against incompetence]

Yet again I find myself staring at the user screen of my T-Mobile connection and wondering why I’m wasting £20 a month on their less-than-adequate service. The current problem? I’m receiving a signal strength on 64% yet the small Bytemobile Optimization Client logo at the bottom of the screen keeps on turning red and my connection dies. I get about five minutes of use before I have to disconnect then reconnect to bring the link back to life.

Not fun, kids. Not worth the money either.

I’ve uninstalled the program and reinstalled it (several times now), ran CrapCleaner, defragged the hard drive, and yet the problems remain. Is this a known issue or have I managed to find a glitch that has thus far remained unknown? And if it is known, how many other people are being screwed over? It’s kinda weird that I seem to be affected only in the past week or so, and there hasn’t been any worthwhile information released about the problems T-Mobile is facing.

If they expect to get any more of my money then somebody had better come up with a solution to this issue before I invest in another company’s product. Losing signal strength would be completely understandable, but it’s fine. The only thing I can think of being to blame is the connection software. For anyone who isn’t aware, bad coding is a bugbear of mine – too many people seem to be satisfied with releasing shoddy software for the sake of it.

For the moment I am going to continue using T-Mobile’s web-and-walk dongle, but in nine days (when the money loaded onto the card runs out) I will be looking for another service provider. I’m not going to be limited in my browsing due to the vagaries of a small company whose idea of customer care is to ignore problems.



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