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Posted by BigWords on September 15, 2009

One of the (many) reasons I tend to steer clear of the news is the sheer number of utterly depressing stories. Today I learned of the deaths of two iconic individuals, one being relayed by a friend and the other from a five minute news bulletin – the type of abbreviated news show which normally ends with a light subject such as skateboarding dogs or singing parrots. I’m a bit late with the news of one death, but like I have pointed out I really don’t like watching the news.

Patrick Swayze
18 Aug 1952 – 15 Sep 2009


I remember watching Road House on a crappy VCR back in the early nineties, amazed that the dancing guy from Dirty Dancing could handle himself in a fight. It was a combination of the script and his acting which convinced me that he wasn’t a lightweight ‘celebrity’ but a real actor, though his choice of roles in films such as Ghost seemed to undermine his credibility.

When the news of his cancer was released, ahead of The Beast‘s first – and only – season, I assumed it was a publicity stunt. It soon became clear, as photographs which showed his illness were published, that it was a life threatening disease he was battling. The news of his death, while not unexpected, is still a shock considering how important a fixture his films were…

Jim Carroll
1 Aug 1950 – 11 Sep 2009

jim carroll

The poet, author, punk and cultural icon known for The Basketball Diaries wasn’t, perhaps, as well known as Swayze. It’s a shame that more people haven’t read his work, and I guess I’m to blame as well – I’ve never picked up his poetry. That situation will be rectified soon, I promise.


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