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On The Edge Of The Image

Posted by BigWords on September 13, 2009

I’ve been trawling various images for suitable NaNo logos, and the better the original image (i.e. how recognizable, suitable and clear the image is) the more fun I seem to be having with the process. It’s childish and (possibly) copyright-baiting, but I’m getting so much amusement from the process that I really don’t care.

After looking through so many images I happened upon a WWII image, and found great amusement in it. It only occurred to me recently that a great many of the well-known images from the era had a subliminal homoerotic nature, and this (Rosie) is one of the best.

Just to the side of what we can see is a bed with a young woman strapped face down to the matress, a jar of makeshift lube, and – probably – a gimp wearing a gas mask and RAF badges stiched on to his flesh. You can’t tell me this image hasn’t got a subtext…

There’s a reason I don’t write art reviews, but I can’t think what it is at the moment.


One Response to “On The Edge Of The Image”

  1. J.C said

    This image was adopted by lesbians – well, at least thats what my old lesbian graphic design teacher told us. She was used on lots of their stuff, tshirts etc – she i mean this chick, not my teacher! lol
    Even without knowing that, the picture certainly does have subtext 😉

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