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Walking In The Rain Is No Fun

Posted by BigWords on September 3, 2009

Compulsive research, which has become verbotten in some circles as it is seen as the enemy of inspiration, hits me occasionally. I look up something, which leads me someplace else, and pretty soon I’m finding out about the life of servants in Georgian England, or the kinds of knives used in WWI, or the various names of the seven dwarves (pre-Disneyfication). There’s only so much that I can actually use in my writing, though the act of research for research’s own sake is an addictive pastime.

I like finding out about things I know a little about, but may not be well-versed in. The knack of uncovering information has been eroded in many people thanks to the ubiquity of the web, but sifting through documents for nuggets of intellectuality-stimulating details is one which I have spent years trying to perfect. Time is really cramped these days, so it is to the internet that I look for useful (and entertaining) wisdom of the ages. And maybe check out photographs of cats with funny captions while I’m at it.

There are some questions which can’t be easily answered by books or the internet, and these are the most intriguing.

Such as door numbers being – apparently – out of fashion. Cue an hour of hunting for a building when no shops, businesses or houses have any fucking numbers. Seriously people, is it too much to ask that buildings have adequate information displayed so I don’t end up wandering around like an asshole, peering into shop windows to see if they have a number displayed anywhere.

And the funniest thing evah, is when I find the right building and it doesn’t have the company name I was looking for above the door. Brilliant way to keep me on my toes.

I was under the impression that the use of door numbers was a common occurrence, but Lochgelly (don’t even ask), is above these little social conventions.

Also bothering me at the moment, to a lesser degree, is why are so many train stations are situated miles away from anywhere. Is it to keep people from getting too fat? The station for Lochgelly is built so far from the high street that it might as well change it’s name to ‘Middle of Nowhere Station’ to make clear how far it is from anything.

Maybe I’m being too rough on a village that has seen better days, but it wasn’t the best day and my mood hasn’t brightened any…


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